Win The Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’ 50th Anniversary Deluxe Box

October 9, 2017

ENDS: 10 November 2017

We've got a copy of the sumptuous super deluxe 4CD+Blu-ray+DVD, 50th anniversary edition of The Beatles' Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which was released earlier this year.

For your chance to win, simply answer the question below:

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  1. Teresa Carvalho

    Love this album and George was “my Beatle”
    I would love to win this amazing album!
    Good luck everybody!

  2. Steve faulkner

    After a HARD DAYS NIGHT, it would be a great HELP to walk down ABBEY ROAD turn into STRAWBERRY FRIENDS then into PENNY LANE. Then when I GET BACK home I could listen to some sweet ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC with my RUBBER SOULmate as we listen to SERGEANT PEPPERS just like YESTERDAY

  3. Doug

    The summer of 1967 was the most magical time of my life…I was 12, going on 21, and I was in Long Beach, California. KRLA -AM radio was playing every song from SGT. PEPPER at one time or another–ON AM RADIO!–and it just added to the acid-drenched day-glo vibe of that incredible 3 month zeitgeist. If time travel were possible, I would love to revisit it. SGT. PEPPER was the single greatest musical event of The Summer of Love.

  4. Glen

    The Beatles have been a giant part of my life since 1964 when my parents had the good sense to take the family to see ‘A Hard Days Night’. I was a 7 year old Beatlemaniac at that moment.

  5. John

    The Beatles were the first group I ever saw live at Portsmouth Guildhall in 1963. Would be thrilled to win this special edition.

  6. Wendy Elkin

    My grandson Joshua turns 18 this month and he is a Beatles fanatic would love to win this great prizes for him.

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