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Metallica Newly Mastered For iTunes

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Universal is proud to announce that the full album catalogue of the mighty Metallica has been mastered for iTunes and is now available for download from the iTunes Store.

The MFiT releases, launched with a global pricing campaign from yesterday (22), encompass the Los Angeles metal giants’ complete output since their debut album, ‘Kill ‘Em All,’ came out on the indie Megaforce label in 1983.

All nine Metallica studio albums are in the collection, continuing with their sophomore set ‘Ride The Lightning’ in 1984 and the major label debut ‘Master of Puppets’ in 1986. Two years later came ‘…And Justice For All’ and then the record-breaking 1991 multi-million-seller ‘Metallica.’ The ‘Load’ album of 1996 was followed less than 18 months later by ‘Reload,’ then ‘St. Anger’ in 2003 and their most recent studio title, 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic.’

The MFiT collection also includes the 1993 live release ‘Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge,’ the 2000 single for the ‘Mission: Impossible II’ soundtrack ‘I Disappear,’ 2011’s ‘Beyond Magnetic’ EP and the soundtrack of the 2013 ‘Metallica: Through The Never’ film. Also in the series is the 2009 digital box set released in the iTunes Store at the time, ‘The Metallica Collection.’

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John Lennon - War Is Over
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