Fender Commemorate Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison With New Signature Guitars

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Fender recently launched their new Ed O’Brien Sustainer Stratocaster and their Brad Paisley Telecaster, but they have now announced new signature models for Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles’ George Harrison.

The Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster and George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster boast distinctive looks and both guitars will be released during the late summer of 2017.

It’s been 50 years since Jimi Hendrix took the world by storm with his incredible Monterey Pop Festival performance, which he concluded with the sacrificial burning of his now-iconic hand-painted Stratocaster. Destroyed during the fiery culmination of his set, this one-of-a-kind guitar survived only in photos and film.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this milestone in music history, Fender has created the limited-edition Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster. A trio of vintage-style single-coil Stratocaster pickups give this Strat its classic Fender sound. Bell-like and articulate, it has plenty of singing sustain for soloing. The “C”-shaped maple neck bears a vintage-style 7.25” fingerboard with 21 vintage-sized frets for a playing feel just like the original. The six-screw synchronised tremolo is perfect for unleashing dive-bombs and other sonic expression.

Jimi Hendrix George Harrison New Fender Guitars

Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster

An homage to Hendrix’s spectacular Strat, right down to the hand-painted nail-polish artwork that burned its way into our memories, the Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster also features an exclusive etched Hendrix neck plate. It’s due to launch commercially on 15 August 2017.

To honour George Harrison’s venerable career, Fender has created the George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster: a limited-edition commemoration that embodies Harrison’s elegantly restrained playing style and sound.

Based on the original Telecaster created for Harrison by guitar luthier, Roger Rossmeisl, this model remains true to its heritage with a classic look and the unique tone only an all-rosewood guitar can produce. The body is chambered for reduced weight and increased resonance. Other features include a rosewood neck with a laminated 9.5″ radius rosewood fingerboard and a custom neck plate engraved with an Om symbol.

A classic in every way, this refined instrument was born in the era that defined rock n’ roll. George Harrison’s legacy is one of innovation and creativity, and the rosewood Telecaster became one of his primary instruments of choice. Only 1,000 units will be available worldwide.  The guitar will be available from 22 August 2017.

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