Win A Copy Of ABBA’s ‘Gold: Greatest Hits’ On Double Vinyl

August 10, 2017


To celebrate the release of ABBA's solo repertoire on vinyl, we're giving away a copy of ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits on double vinyl!

For your chance to win, simply answer the question below:

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  1. Harin Perera

    Benny and Bjorn wrote great timeless classics. Arrival, The Album and Voulez-Vous were classic albums that have stood the test of time (all the others were too but these are my personal favourites!).

  2. Claudine Robert

    My four favorites singers and musicians from décade and décade. I love my favorite group.
    They are great all four.

  3. Tammy Reyes

    ABBA, liked you when I was a teen. Adore you now as an adult. Lots of your music on my phone, Bang-a-boomerang is my ringtone. My van has 2 CDs I listen to all the time. Thank you Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid for all the stages of my life

  4. Jens

    I love the Music they recorded. Timeless – fantastic…
    But again “Abba Gold”? The last time “Abba Gold” was released in Europe as double-vinyl was in 2013. I think it’s time for “More Abba Gold” on vinyl now, ’cause the last release of this item was in 1993.

  5. Alistair

    Here we were into Bowie, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Cooper etc. and along comes ABBA, nobody in the gang admitted that they liked their music, but we all had our secret favourite tracks. Quite funny as our gang eventually sat in at a pub quiz when we blitzed it in our knowledge of rock and pop, the pop section was songs by ABBA, we won and laughed at our secret knowledge of ABBA. You should never restrict yourself to one type of music as you will find you will end up missing out on a lot of talent.

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