Win Four James Bond Soundtracks On Vinyl

January 20, 2018


We're giving away these four classic James Bond movie soundtracks on vinyl:

James Bond - From Russia With Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
James Bond - Thunderball (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
James Bond - You Only Live Twice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
James Bond - The Spy Who Loved Me (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

For your chance to win, simply answer the question below and fill out your details on the next page...

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  1. Martin Bültmann

    I like John Barry very much as a composer for soundtracks. His compositions add another special British 60s charme to the films. “The Knack” is one of my favourites.

  2. moog_man

    John Barry – a true exemplar for film soundtracks – and not just the Bond franchise. Always evocative, they anchor the movie to the viewer experience. RIP, JB

  3. Paul Lane

    Have all the James Bond films on Blue Ray , what’s not to like about the Bond films , plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat!

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