Watch Alessia Cara’s Wes Anderson-Inspired ‘Not Today’ Video

The Canadian pop talent shares the newest video for her breakup anthem ‘Not Today’, off her highly anticipated second album, ‘The Pains of Growing’.

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The Canadian pop talent Alessia Cara shares the newest video for her breakup anthem ‘Not Today’, off her highly anticipated second album, The Pains Of Growing, which will be out Friday (30 November).

In the clip, Cara goes through a series of mundane tasks such as watching TV and doing puzzles as distractions to get over her breakup. As she addresses the camera with her tear-stained face, she sings: “Someday I’ll forget the day he left/ But surely not today”.

Dressed in an oversized suit doing her best David Byrne, Cara seems to exist in a 1970s time-warp, awash in yellow, orange and paisley. If the aesthetic feels familiar, Cara shared on Instagram that the visual was inspired by a certain director:

“Had a lot of fun making this video. The whole thing is inspired by Wes Anderson and I wanted to throw in some references to his movies. See if you can catch them.”

The video joins previously released singles off the new 15-track album, including ‘Trust My Lonely’ and ‘Growing Pains’. This marks the first time the 22-year-old singer wrote an entire album and the whole LP is autobiographical Cara has shared.

Just as the album title implies, much of her new material reflects a new kind of maturity, but one that didn’t come without a cost. From breakups to family relationships, Cara bares all as her young fan base grows up with her.

She recently shared with Rolling Stone her decision to take more creative control on this record saying, “I just thought, there’s no better person to write this than me. When you have full control, you can give away as much as you want to give away and be as honest as you want and you know what it means and no one understands you better than you.”

Alessia Cara’s The Pains Of Growing can be pre-ordered here.


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