Lyn Lapid Brushes Off Unsolicited Opinions On New Single ‘Pager’ From Debut EP ‘The Outsider’

The 8-track EP is available now via Republic Records.

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Lyn Lapid - Photo: Courtesy of Republic Records
Lyn Lapid - Photo: Courtesy of Republic Records

Singer and songwriter Lyn Lapid has released her debut EP The Outsider, an 8-track project out via Republic Records and featuring the viral single “In My Mind” which has amassed over 60 million global streams since its release last year.

The project arrives alongside the music video for the 19-year-old musician’s latest single “Pager,” which finds her packing her things and brushing off unsolicited opinions, making the move to better things with a sense of security.

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“If you got a problem with me / I can hear about it later / You can send it to my pager,” she sings. “Tell me what you think about me / I’ll get back to you later / You’ll be doing me a favor / Send it to my pager.” The song wraps with a bold declaration: “Your toxicity wasn’t meant for me.”

In a statement, Lapid shared: “The focus track of the EP, ‘Pager,’ perfectly encapsulates that sort of idea I had, and it’s the one track on the EP where I specifically talk about the kind of community I grew up in.”

She adds: “The other tracks on The Outsider all talk about the different ways I felt like an outsider growing up and how I learned to cut ties with the toxic people in my life and find the ones who continue to support me today. I hope that anyone who listens to The Outsider knows that there will always be a circle of people who will fully accept who you are, and all you gotta do is go out there and find them.”

Lapid has found a creative community on her own on TikTok, where she boasts an audience of 4.7 million users. In a post ahead of the EP release, she posted: “Look at all these individuals who have no idea that I’m dropping my debut EP “The Outsider” on all platforms tonight and it’s my first project I’ve ever put out and I’m actually freaking out crying passing away from the anxiety.”

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