The Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’ Quiz

How well do you know The Beach Boys’ 11th studio album, ‘Pet Sounds’? Test your knowledge with our quiz below!

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The Beach Boys Pet Sounds

The Beach Boys’ 11th studio album, Pet Sounds, changed the face of pop music. It didn’t happen overnight though – the brainchild of a then 23-year old Brian Wilson initially baffled the group’s record company and just barely cracked the Top Ten when it first appeared. But as the trusty adage goes: time will tell. In the years since its release, in May of 1966, the groundbreaking album has consistently been cited as one of the greatest pop albums ever created. The record signalled a dramatic break from the band’s previous work as Wilson abandoned the sunny, carefree hits that had catapulted the group to popstar status for introspection and heartbreak. To explore these themes Wilson experimented heavily production-wise, bringing in new harmonic patterns, innovative instruments and complex arrangements. But how much do you know about this record? Check out the quiz below and find out!

And, while you’re playing, listen to The Beach Boys’ best of playlist on Apple Music and Spotify.

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