Best Juice WRLD Songs: 17 Emo Rap Essentials

Beginning with SoundCloud sensations and ending with chart-topping hits, the rapper accomplished more than most artists dream of.

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Juice Wrld, artist behind some of the best emo rap songs ever recorded
Juice WRLD - Photo: David Wolff / Patrick/Redferns

Though the songs of Juice WRLD were staggering, genre-changing, and inspiring to generations of fans who felt a connection to his honest, vulnerable anthems, it exists in the past tense. His discography should be a triumph, not a reminder of the tragedy that took his life in 2019. But in the four years he was active, beginning with SoundCloud sensations and ending with chart-topping hits, Juice WRLD accomplished more than most artists dream of getting done in a lifetime.

Juice WRLD, born Jarad Anthony Higgins on December 2, 1998, in Chicago, Illinois, was a different kind of rapper. He was eager to let his fans into his world, letting them know that he had many of the same struggles they did, even though he was living in mansions and had more money than he knew what to do with. Juice’s music was about the internal struggles that exist no matter how many accolades you receive or certified platinum records you have in your discography. Juice was intensely human, in touch with emotions many of us suppress in hopes of making them go away. Juice knew that the only way to fight these demons was head-on, and he spent his all-too-brief career doing exactly that. Below are 16 Juice WRLD songs that best sum up his staggering career.

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17. All Girls Are The Same

Arguably one of the most important Juice WRLD songs, this tune received a big push from Lyrical Lemonade in late 2017 and ultimately led to Juice’s signing the following year to the Interscope Records label. (Juice was also signed to Lil Bibby’s Grade A Productions as well.) It was, along with “Lucid Dreams,” his first song to debut on the Billboard Hot 100.

16. Ski Mask The Slump God feat. Juice WRLD – Nuketown

Outside of his own albums, Juice WRLD was also generous with his features, choosing to work with artists he respected. On “Nuketown,” he links up with Florida SoundCloud star Ski Mask The Slump God, turning in a verse that features way more straight-ahead rapping and yelling than fans of Juice are used to.

Ski Mask The Slump God - Nuketown ft. Juice WRLD (Directed by Cole Bennett)

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15. Juice WRLD & benny blanco – Real Shit

On “Real Shit,” Juice WRLD recruits frequent collaborator Benny Blanco for a turn-up anthem, a cult classic in the Juice community thanks to the earworm hook and Blanco’s banging drums and catchy guitar riffs.

14. Rvssian, Anuel AA & Juice WRLD – No Me Ame

On “No Me Ame,” Juice WRLD teams up with Puerto Rican superstar Anuel AA and producer Rvssian for an emo-inspired, bilingual trap-rap song, with the two rappers trading bars and proving that the language barrier is nothing more than an artificial divide.

13. Feline feat. Polo G & Trippie Redd

On “Feline,” from the extended edition of the posthumous Juice album Fighting Demons, Juice raps alongside fellow MCs Polo G and Trippie Redd, showcasing his dexterity and ability to fit his voice seamlessly with other rappers. Even when he’s sharing the stage, Juice has an inimitable ability to take center stage.

12. Blood on My Jeans

“Blood On My Jeans,” taken from Juice WRLD’s Legends Never Die, features an acoustic guitar-laden beat made by 808 Mafia. Acting as singer-songwriter here, Juice tells the story of a murder and the blood on his jeans, recalling fictional details with a jarring nonchalance.

11. benny blanco & Juice WRLD – Graduation

Benny Blanco’s pop-rap anthem, “Graduation,” features instantly-iconic vocals from Juice. The song is a cover of Vitamin C’s high school hit, with new verses added by Juice to give the song a 2020s rap feel.

10. Man of the Year

“Man of the Year” is a pop-punk Juice WRLD track from Legends Never Die, which uses the upbeat tempo of the track to give the song a wry irony. Over peppy guitars and stadium-ready drums, Juice sings, “Man of the year, still got problems/ Lookin’ in the mirror, you look awful/ Talkin’ to myself, do it too often/ JK, Juice WRLD, you’re so awesome/ Um, I’m running up funds/ Bottle full of pills, let’s have fun.”

9. Life’s a Mess feat. Halsey

Juice WRLD and Halsey are a perfect pair, with the former’s raw, emotional vocals working effortlessly with the latter’s iconic, breathtaking voice. Juice unveils a patient, contemplative flow, intentionally slurring a few words to give the song a narcotized, downcast feel.

Juice WRLD ft. Halsey - Life's A Mess (Official Visualizer)

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8. Candles

Juice WRLD’s breakthrough album Goodbye & Good Riddance features many standouts, one of which is “Candles,” a typical 808 trap-inspired Juice track that stands out thanks to the MC’s run of unnervingly honest lines, like, “Uh, yeah, I’m not sure/ I don’t know if it’s because my heart hurts or if I’m insecure/ Baby, you’re not her/ My last girl had me so fucked up it was a blacked-out blur.”

7. Come & Go feat. Marshmello

“Come & Go,” taken from Juice’s first posthumous 2020 album, Legends Never Die, features EDM superstar Marshmello, who helps buoy Juice’s pleading, searching voice with a bubbling electronic soundbed before flipping the track into a pop-dance anthem heavy on dubstep vibes.

6. Hate the Other Side feat. Marshmello, Polo G & Kid Laroi

On “Hate The Other Side,” Juice brings together a few frequent collaborators, like Marshmello and Polo G, plus upstart MC The Kid LAROI. On the song, Juice sings about the toxic nature of gang culture, encouraged to see them as part of an enemy group.

5. Flaws and Sins

“Flaws and Sins” is taken from Juice WRLD’s second album, Death Race For Love, and quickly became a fan favorite. It’s Juice WRLD at his most romantic, courting a new lover and speaking on his true feelings. He raps, “You work numbers, work wonders/ You done woke me up from my eternal slumber/ I’m the lightning, you’re the thunder/ There’s a difference ‘tween/ ‘I need you,’ and, ‘I want you’/ Girl, I need you.”

Juice WRLD - Flaws and Sins (Official Audio)

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4. Bandit feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

When Juice teamed up with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, it brought together two of the most popular artists in the rap game. They didn’t disappoint. The turn-up anthem features the sort of swagger fans loved most about Juice, a self-confidence that was more inspiring than cocky. He sings, “She the definition of a bad b***h/ Stole her, I’m the definition of a bandit.”

3. My Fault

“My Fault” is an early, 2017 SoundCloud hit from Juice WRLD, and an anthem that helped elevate him from the emo rap scene to international superstar. The raw honesty immediately clicks, proving that Juice was special from the start. He sings, “She told me that it’s all my fault/ It would’ve been perfect all along/ It woulda been a right and not another wrong/ And it would be a happy, not a sad song, oh/ ‘Cause it’s all my fault.”

2. Fighting Demons

For many, “Fighting Demons” is the seminal Juice WRLD song. His honesty is so raw it’s almost shocking, although fans of his work are used to this heart-on-sleeve, diaristic style. He sings, “Yeah, I run away/ In fear of me dyin’ today/ And I’m not the same/ Who said I was subject to change?”

1. Lucid Dreams

Arguably the most popular Juice WRLD song in his wildly beloved discography, “Lucid Dreams” has long been a fan favorite thanks to its blend of emo melodies and heart-wrenching honesty. The melody of the track samples the intro of Sting’s 1993 song “Shape Of My Heart,” and Juice’s sadness works because of its intense relatability: “I take prescriptions to make me feel a-okay/ I know it’s all in my head/ I have these lucid dreams where I can’t move a thing/ Thinking of you in my bed.”

Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams (Directed by Cole Bennett)

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  3. Malcolm

    November 10, 2022 at 11:59 am

    where tf are robbery, wasted, and i’ll be fine? Where’s nearly the entire legends never die album?

  4. TK

    January 3, 2023 at 8:49 pm

    Hey I think u guys left out robbery, armed and dangerous,fine china and some other few songs especially in the legends never die album but none the less this is a great write u

  5. Poop stain

    February 8, 2023 at 10:54 pm

    Nuketown and Bandit don’t belong on this list. They’re undoubtedly good songs but I wouldn’t consider them “emo rap”

  6. terron

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    hear me calling should be on here

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