BRKN LOVE Announce New Album, ‘Black Box’

The rising Toronto alt-rock outfit’s new record will be out on November 4 through Spinefarm.

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BRKN LOVE -'Black Box' cover art by Daniel Ibanez courtesy of Spinefarm

Toronto-based alt-rock band BRKN LOVE are pleased to announce their new album, Black Box, in the midst of their busy US and Canada touring schedule. It will be released on November 4 through Spinefarm.

After the success of their ‘Vol.1’ and ‘Vol.2’ EPs, the trend continues with the band’s sophomore album, which once again showcases how well songwriter/frontman Justin Benlolo uses all the tools in his arsenal to firmly position BRKN LOVE in the young, modern rock revolution.

Justin says, “We couldn’t be more excited to announce the release of our new LP Black Box. This album is the next evolution of BRKN LOVE. Imagine everything you loved about our band and then turn it up to 11. It’s truly a milestone record for us. After the release of our first record and all the complications that came along with it (namely the pandemic), we really wanted to a chance to redeem ourselves. This is our redemption record. We’re back at full force and we’re not pulling any punches this time.

BRKN LOVE - Under The Knife (Official Video)

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“Making this album was a challenge unto itself. We had come off the back end of several tours and essentially had two weeks to write, record and mix the album. They say diamonds are formed under pressure, and I believe that the added weight forced us to come up with the best songs we have ever written.

“The overall theme revolving around Black Box is the concept of learning from your mistakes and bettering yourself because of them. When we were writing the record, our producer Anton Delost and I had become obsessed with flight recorders that are put into airplanes to keep track of anything that happens. The idea came from how the people will assess a plane crash by what the black box has recorded. It’s a metaphor for our band, our lives and everything we have been through up until this point.

We truly hope you enjoy this piece of music as much we do. Make sure you turn it up and as always, rock on. Thank you.”

Pre-order Black Box.

Black Box includes the following tracks:

“Little Black Box”
“Dead Weight”
“Like A Drug”
“Under The Knife”
“Rubber Room”
“Bad Blood”
“One In The Same”
“Forever’s Enough”
“Fever Dream”

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