Watch First Episode Of New Freddie Mercury Podcast, ‘Finding Freddie’

In the first episode, ‘Freddie By His Friends’, the iconic Queen frontman’s friends explain what being in his company was really like.

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A new Freddie Mercury podcast series, ‘Finding Freddie’ has been launched through the official Freddie Mercury Solo YouTube channel.

In the first episode of ‘Finding Freddie’ – titled ‘Freddie By His Friends’, the late star’s friends explain what being in his company was really like. In the video, a group of the friends and colleagues closest to Freddie Mercury, including video director David Mallet, composer/conductor Mike Moran, photographer Richard Young, renowned ballet dancer and performer Wayne Sleep and lyricist Sir Tim Rice reveal what he was really like at both work and play.

Through personal recollections, hilarious stories and treasured memories, ‘Finding Freddie’ provides a rare glimpse into what it was like working with the iconic Queen frontman on video shoots, creating the Barcelona album, as well as socialising with him as a trusted member of his inner circle. You can check the full video out below out below, but as a taster, if you scroll down, you can read a few of the insights offered in ‘Freddie By His Friends’.

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Mike Moran: “He was very, very nice to me from the outset. We got on well together as a working unit. It was so successful my point of view that I stayed with him until the end.”

David Mallet: “I think Freddie had a unique brand of humour which was slightly camp mixed with something more subtle. It was a very delicate balance.”

Richard Young: “When we went on the road, I’d be in my hotel room at 8 o’clock and I’d suddenly get a phone call and it would be Freddie, inviting me to dinner. He’d always treat you as a member of his inner circle and that was very nice. You respect that sort of situation.”

Wayne Sleep: “Now, with new audiences out there, it’s like he’s being given a rebirth. With me, there’s still so much to learn about him, so I shall never stop learning about Freddie Mercury.”

Sir Tim Rice: “Freddie was so famous and so recognisable, it must have been very difficult for him to understand what people really wanted from him. I think, in the end, he was really fairly happy. He knew that the few people who were close to him were close to him because they loved him.”

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