Joywave Announces Fifth Studio Album ‘Permanent Pleasure’

The band’s long-awaited new title is set for release on May 17.

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Joywave - Photo: Grant Spanier/Disney Records

Renowned indie-rock outfit Joywave have announced their long-awaited fifth studio album, Permanent Pleasure, will be released on May 17. The band revealed the official artwork and track list alongside the release of their new single, “Scared,” from the forthcoming album.

The accompanying music video for “Scared”, directed by Dimitri Basil, features the misadventure of the band’s enigmatic feline companion. You can watch all the action below.

Permanent Pleasure was written by Joywave (Daniel Armbruster, Paul Brenner, Joseph Morinelli), produced by Armbruster, and recorded at The Joycave (Rochester, NY) and the University of Rochester’s Gavett Audio Studio.

Joywave - Scared (Official Video)

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Daniel Armbruster has shared his inspiration behind new single “Scared,” “When I was growing up, every song about intimacy from the male perspective was oozing with confidence and sexual prowess. That just never felt honest or real to me and I wanted to make something for the next person growing up. It’s ok to not feel like that. Everyone’s experience is unique and different. There’s not something wrong with you. Hopefully, the song can add some balance to the intimate musical universe.”

While fans wait for Permanent Pleasure to be unleashed into the world in May, Armbruster offered a glimpse into the album’s thematic universe saying, “Permanent Pleasure. A decade in the sunbeam. A unique vantage point. Our job has become to sit and think. To experience and react. The album is really 10 thoughts from Joywave’s beam. We’ve blown apart the cohesiveness of Cleanse and brought back more variation in sonic palette while simultaneously making a guitar and string forward record (less keys), but we’ve kept the advances in songwriting we’ve made along the way.

“It’s a bit more all over in the way How Do You Feel Now? was but with the songwriting we’ve come to be known for over the last several albums. I think most of the lyrics are taking place in the light as well, not loads of metaphors. Quite a bit more personal. The album is Joywave’s ‘whatever we want to do, whenever we want to do it’ at its best, and we loved the idea of the temporary state of the band name maturing into this album title.”

Joywave’s latest single release and album announcement follow their triumphant sold-out North American tour run with Two Door Cinema Club, underscoring their reputation as a powerhouse live act and cementing their show as a must-see experience.

Pre-order Permanent Pleasure.

Permanent Pleasure includes the following tracks:

“Graffiti Planet”
“Brain Damage”
“He’s Back!”
“Sleepytime Fantasy”
“Swimming In The Glow”
“Hate To Be A Bother”
“787 Dreamliner”
“Here To Perform The Final Song From Their Album ‘Permanent Pleasure’, Please Welcome…Joywave”

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