Trip Out With Sublime’s New Psychedelic Video For ‘Pawn Shop’

‘I wanted to make something that started and never ended, a classic trip of animation,’ said director Pix3lface.

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Sublime Pawn Space - Photo: Pix3lface
Photo: Pix3lface

Sublime have premiered the official music video for fan-favorite “Pawn Shop” to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of band’s multi-platinum, self-titled album, Sublime.

Created by artist Darin Vartanian, known as Pix3lface, the new video is animated in the style of psychedelic-surfer-punk-graffiti inspired by late-night edgy animations, west coast surfer tattoo art, and archival flyers, with Sublime’s iconography morphing throughout.

Darin Vartanian, aka Pix3lface, said, “I wanted to make something that started and never ended, a classic trip of animation, that people can zone out to and just revisit this classic song we all know and love. Those were always my favorite animations as a kid, just seeing things morph from one thing to the next, that was the umbrella idea.”

Sublime - Pawn Shop (Official Video)

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Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh added, “The hands reaching for the guitar reminds me of how happy Brad was when we got his amp out of hock so we could play shows.”

25 years ago, Sublime’s self-titled album was released after the untimely passing of lead singer Bradley Nowell, spawning timeless hits like “What I Got,” “Santeria,” and “Wrong Way.” The iconic album continues to connect with fans and live on a quarter-century after its initial release, as the music endures, and new generations discover Sublime.

Earlier this year, the band premiered “Garden Grove,” a video shot as a “love letter” to the Long Beach lifestyle.

Last month, the band made their latest remix project, Sublime Meets Scientist & Mad Professor Inna L.B.C., available digitally. The new collection of eight sublime remixes by the dub geniuses Scientist and Mad Professor was initially released on CD for Record Store Day.

Throughout their meteoric run in the 1990s, Sublime were never shy about their awestruck devotion to dub music.

“Dub music was the gateway between my love of reggae and psychedelic rock music,” drummer Bud Gaugh once said. “I love the way the drum and bass is so mesmerizing and the studio effects can take you places far off and away while just sitting there in your room. But be careful while driving, you may end up in another state!”

Buy or stream Sublime’s self-titled debut album.

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