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Best Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers: This Year’s Must-Have Clothing And Merch

From tour merch for fans who missed out, to winter-warmer gear and some truly unique items, these are the must-have 2019 Christmas gifts for music lovers.

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Whether you’re buying for devoted Arianators, hyperactive Little Monsters or the older die-hard rock fans in your life, 2019’s best music-based Christmas gifts include something for lovers of all types of music. From Rolling Stones-branded electric scooters to Taylor Swift blankets and Beatles-themed lava lamps that’ll transform your room into a hipster’s Swinging 60s den, there’s something for all the family this year.

Ariana Grande

God is a woman tie-dye crewneck

2018’s hit album sweetener contained Ariana Grande’s memorable hit single ‘God is a Woman’. This comfortable crewneck sweater has a unique blue-and-pink tie-dye design and the album’s tracklist printed across its back.

Buy it here.


thank u, next dad hat

An infectiously slick single penned in the wake of the singer’s break-up with Pete Davidson, ‘thank u, next’ was an instant success for Ariana Grande. The track title is embroidered on the front of this casual black “dad” hat.

Buy it here.

Ariana Grande thank u next dad cap 740 brightness

Space T-shirt

Ariana Grande is truly out of this world. The ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ singer made waves with her knockout performance at Lollapalooza – an appearance which is celebrated with this black, vintage tee. The shirt’s front pictures a launching space shuttle while the back lists dates from her sell-out Sweetener tour.

Buy it here.


More great Ariana Grande Christmas gifts can be found here.


The Beatles

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band denim jacket

The Beatles changed the course of music history in 1967, with the release of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. These timelessly cool denim jackets feature the iconic Sgt Pepper logo on the back – a perfect tribute to one of the group’s crowning achievements.

Buy it here.

Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band denim jacket

Sea Of Holes lava lamp

This trippy lava lamp is inspired by The Beatles’ hit ‘Yellow Submarine’ and the colourful, psychedelic film that followed it. With a small Beatles image on the base of the lamp, this groovy piece of decor is a wonderfully nostalgic throwback, in more ways than one.

Buy it here.

Beatles yellow submarine sea of holes lava lamp 740

More great Beatles Christmas gifts can be found here.


Billie Eilish

Neon green beanie

Billie Eilish personally plays a large part in the design process of her merchandise line, and this cool neon green beanie hat bears all the hallmarks of her signature style. With the ‘ bad guy’ singer’s instantly recognisable slouching stick figure logo, this simple hat adds a splash of eye-catching colour to any casual outfit.

Buy it here.

Billie Eilish neon green beanie

Monogram hoodie

Produced as part of Eilish’s personal clothing line, known as Blōhsh, this comfortable white hoodie has a printed “BE” monogram on its front. Exactly the sort of clothing that Eilish would wear on-stage, it is only available for a limited time.

Buy it here.

Billie Eilish monogram hoodie 740

BE glow-in-the-dark T-shirt

Described as “janky” by Eilish herself, her branded clothing line often features the image of a leaning stick figure. This logo is placed on the front of this soft black T-shirt, and is made of glow-in-the-dark material – perfect for standing out among the crowd at a gig.

Buy it here.

Billie Eilish glow logo T shirt

More great Billie Eilish Christmas gifts can be found here.


Bob Marley

Rastaman sunset T-shirt

Bob Marley And The Wailers’ 1976 album, Rastaman Vibration, forms the basis for the design of this cool black T-shirt. The Rastafarian colours of green, yellow and red add a vibrant border to a monochrome print of Marley himself, nodding towards the reggae legend’s cultural heritage.

Buy it here.

Bob Marley Rastaman Sunset T shirt 740

Soccer 77 T-shirt

As well as being a legendary music icon, Bob Marley was an ardent soccer fan. This soft T-shirt honours his love of the sport with a printed image of Marley kicking a ball around, divided into three stylish panels.

Buy it here.


Raglan piping track jacket

Also inspired by Marley’s Association Football fanaticism, this comfy black jacket sports a soccer-ball badge and the colours of the Rastafarian flag. This is that rare piece of exercise gear that pays tribute to the work and life of a seminal music icon.

Buy it here.

Bob Marley Ragan Piping Track Jacket 740

More great Bob Marley Christmas gifts can be found here.


Elton John

Vintage Goodbye Yellow Brick Road T-shirt

Elton John’s beloved 1973 album, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, serves as the inspiration for this soft, vintage T-shirt. The black tee features a print based on the famous album artwork.

Buy it here.

Elton John Vintage Goodbye Yellow Brick Road T-shirt 740

‘The Bitch Is Back’ T-shirt

‘The Bitch is Back’, released in 1978, remains one of John’s most beloved songs, and is celebrated in the design of this smart black T-shirt. A gold foil image of the pop star adorns the tee’s front, along with the snappy song title.

Buy it here.

Elton John Is Back T-shirt 740

Neon tour hoodie

Elton John may be on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, but there are enough dates to ensure that he won’t be saying goodbye any time soon. With his Diamonds logo on the front and the tour’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-inspired image on the back, this hoodie will forever remain a reminder of the icon’s final victory lap.

Buy it here.

Elton John Neon Tour Hoodie 740

Blue star light-up glasses

Elton John became nearly as well-known for his extravagant on-stage dress sense as his thumpingly well-written pop tunes, wearing all manner of glitzy costumes when performing. Certain to cause a stir at parties, these blue light-up star-shaped glasses would look right at home on the ‘Crocodile Rock’ singer’s face.

Buy it here.


More great Elton John Christmas gifts can be found here.


Guns N’ Roses

Cross zip hoodie

Guns N’ Roses took the world by storm when they released their iconic 1987 debut album, Appetite For Destruction. The record’s famous cover art is printed onto the back of this comfortable black zip-up hoodie, which also boasts the band’s logo across its front.

Buy it here.


1987 OG bullet seal T-shirt

The illustration of two sideways-facing firearms, tied together by roses, is indelibly linked to the image of Guns N’ Roses. This soft, black tee has that design on the front, and the words “GUNS N’ ROSES WAS HERE” in graffiti-style text on the back.

Buy it here.

Guns N Roses 1987-OG-bullet-seal-T-shirt-740

POP ROCKS figures

Vinyl Funko Pop figurines are the collectible trend that never seems to get old. The cute, large-headed toys have been designed to resemble characters from all walks of pop culture, from Buffy The Vampire Slayer to Indiana Jones. A special line of GNR-themed Funko Pops are now available, giving you the chance to have a pint-sized Axl Rose, Slash or Duff McKagan of your very own.

Buy it here.


More great Guns N’ Roses Christmas gifts can be found here.


Imagine Dragons

Origins lotus hoodie

Origins, the fourth studio album from Nevada-based rock band Imagine Dragons, had a captivating album cover, with a small pink lotus flower seen floating at the bottom of the artwork. This elegant hoodie is inspired by the album’s lotus imagery and offers a three-toned emblem on its front and two lotuses printed across its back.

Buy it here.

Origins lotus inverted long-sleeved T-shirt

Origins lotus inverted long-sleeved T-shirt

This comfy white hoodie also draws from the artwork for Imagine Dragons’ 2018 hit record. Reworking the album artwork into a stylish pink graphic, the sweater also features the band’s name in large print on its arms.

Buy it here.


More great Imagine Dragons Christmas gifts can be found here.


KISSmas tee

It’s Christmas, and it’s time to rock! This T-shirt gives the iconic KISS logo a festive re-working. The band’s familiar lettering is filled with warm, sparkly Christmas colours and a Santa hat hangs from one of the letters.

Buy it here.


Merry KISSmas crewneck

Just because you like to rock, doesn’t mean you’re averse to a pun. This KISS-themed Christmas crewneck caters to rock fans and wordplay enthusiasts both. Wishing you a merry “KISSmas”, the iconic band logo is still immediately recognisable on the front of this non-traditional black holiday sweater.

Buy it here.


More great KISS Christmas gifts can be found here.


Lady Gaga

Enigma Las Vegas photo long-sleeved tee

Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas Enigma residency came hot on the heels of her A Star Is Born success and is celebrated with this striking long-sleeve crewneck. A stunning neon picture of the singer covers the shirt’s front, while the Enigma tour logo and the phrase “Live in Las Vegas” are printed on the sleeves.

Buy it here.


Enigma logo tee

This eye-catching green T-shirt was also released to tie-in in with Lady Gaga’s recent Las Vegas residency. A wavy pink Enigma tour logo is printed on the front of the comfortable tee.

Buy it here.


More great Lady Gaga Christmas gifts can be found here.


Post Malone

Hollywood’s Bleeding sticker pack

This pack of die-cut stickers are inspired by the album artwork for Post Malone’s 2019 album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. Released in September, it became the pop giant’s second No.1 record, following on from the success of Beerbongs & Bentleys.

Buy it here.


Tombstone long-sleeved T-shirt

This morbid black T-shirt has a red-outlined tombstone design printed on its back. There are phrases from Hollywood’s Bleeding printed on the tombstone, and the shirt also features the words, “Sorry that you can’t get over me…” on its right sleeve.

Buy it here.


Hollywood’s Bleeding cover T-shirt

Hollywood’s Bleeding spawned six hit singles earlier this year, and was thought by many Post Malone fans to be his finest work yet. These 100 per cent cotton T-shirts have the album artwork printed on their soft black material, along with some small text about the record.

Buy it here.


More great Post Malone Christmas gifts can be found here.


The Rolling Stones

Bird electric scooter

For the Stones fan who has everything, this special piece of merch is a must: an electric scooter, peppered with the band’s iconic tongue-and-lips logo. Produced to coincide with their recent No Filter US tour dates, these black micro-vehicles mean you can show off your love for the Stones while whizzing around town.

Buy it here.


No Filter tie-dye pullover hoodie

The US No Filter leg also gave birth to this smart piece of Rolling Stones merch: a pullover hoodie with a tie-dyed design in the red, white and blue of the Stars’n’Stripes. The band’s iconic logo is prominently placed in the centre of the chest.

Buy it here.


US tour 1978 tee

After years of increasingly elaborate stage productions, The Rolling Stones tried something a bit different with their 1978 US tour. Promoting their album Some Girls, the band stripped back the stagecraft and focused on the music. This casual white T-shirt was originally designed for that classic tour, and places the band’s logo front-and-centre. Each item is individually “stressed”, too, for that truly vintage look.

Buy it here.


More great Rolling Stones Christmas gifts can be found here.


Shawn Mendes

Tan floral winter hoodie

This subtle and elegant hoodie is made from a soft, pastel-coloured material, and has Shawn Mendes’ name printed alongside a delicate flower design. It is part of the singer’s ‘Winter 2019’ merchandise selection.

Buy it here.


Purple orchid tee

Orchids hold a special significance for Shawn Mendes: he even sports a tattoo of some of the flowers inside a lightbulb. This elegant T-shirt puts the best-selling musician’s name alongside a subtle orchid badge.

Buy it here.


More great Shawn Mendes Christmas gifts can be found here.


Taylor Swift

Mineral wash Lover album cover long-sleeved tee

The album artwork for Taylor Swift’s acclaimed 2019 release, Lover, is given a monochromatic makeover for this cosy long-sleeved shirt. Made from 100 per cent cotton, the shirt pays homage to one of Swift’s most accomplished records and includes her name on one of the sleeves, in bold white lettering.

Buy it here.


Iridescent tumbler cup

This fun, colourful tumbler cup is designed to match the colour scheme of Taylor Swift’s hit album, Lover. With two walls for insulation and the album’s title written in pink on the outside, this iridescent cup is a novel tribute to a modern musical landmark.

Buy it here.


Lover album cover blanket

The ideal protection against the cold, this chic polyester blanket is also based on the stylish cover art for Lover. Measuring 50” x 60”, this colourful sherpa fleece will be almost as effective as the album itself when it comes to putting a little warmth into your heart.

Buy it here.


More great Taylor Swift Christmas gifts can be found here.


Tupac Shakur

Wavy logo washed hoodie

Still revered as one of the greatest and most influential hip-hop artists of all time, 2pac’s very image has become iconic across the globe. This vintage washed hoodie features two images of the late rapper, with his name spelled out in a nostalgic three-coloured font.

Buy it here.


Me Against The World washed T-shirt

Taking its cue – and design – from Tupac Shakur’s seminal 1995 album, Me Against The World, this casual black T-shirt has the album’s famous cover printed on its chest. Me Against The World included some of Tupac’s greatest tracks, and its cover is instantly familiar to most Tupac fans – making this tee a classic piece of 2pac merch.

Buy it here.


“Trust Nobody” bandana

Tupac was known for his fashion style, which often included a bandana tied around his head. This branded black bandana – with a stylish pattern and the phrase “Trust Nobody” printed on it next to Tupac’s name – is exactly the sort of headgear the ‘All Eyez on Me’ genius would worn with attitude.

Buy it here.


More great Tupac Shakur Christmas gifts can be found here.

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