VIDEO: Humble Pie Q&A – Story Behind The Name

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Humble Pie Q&A - Story Behind The Name

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kathi

    October 1, 2014 at 8:49 am

    Hey, what’s up, I remember you guys from a way long time ago – and what a spiff looking at that map huh? Well, dang again, we all got betrayed, oh well fuk it who needs em anyway! I always liked ur band thought u were real cool RADIO music. I went to that poor thing with Eric Clapton and all ur fans were distorted the music wasn’t right and I have no idea what they were teaching there. These people have done too much dramamine, they are just screwed.
    I am young I hope.
    Nice video, cool.
    (alt website uh no, I know lashtal closed down cuz nothin was true n jerk had a pay pal with new books all the time n dude may have went to get him for an expensive italy tour, but i never heard, the website went down.
    Cheers, be good! ; ) Who did i do this video with I forgot. I know they are trying to say they dump all the stones stuff thru it, i don’t know, those people are so screwed up. Maninly Steve and the Judy crew. But now there is Rachael. And I don’t know who else. Gillian is acting strange, uh yeah?

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