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The Beatles were all born in Liverpool and have not only left behind a huge legacy, but some of the childhood homes where they grew up.

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The Beatles were all born in Liverpool and have not only left behind a huge legacy, but some of the childhood homes where they grew up. John Lennon’s mother accepted an offer from her sister to raise John after his relationship with his mother’s lover had become too strained for the two to coexist, especially as John’s mother was expecting a child by her lover.

John’s Aunt Mimi and her husband George lived in this house, Mendips in Menlove Avenue, a wide tree-lined street. No.251 was named “Mendips” after the hills in Somerset that lie south of Bristol and Bath. It was the most middle-class of all the Beatles’ childhood homes.

20 Forthlin Road Liverpool

Paul McCartney’s family moved to Forthlin Road in 1955; it’s less than a mile from Mendips where John Lennon lived. Paul’s mother, Mary, died of breast cancer less than a year after the move to Forthlin Road.

George Harrison House 12 Arnold Grove
George Harrison’s house, the one he was born in, is the lightest orange house three from the left. 12 Arnold Grove is in the Wavertree area. George’s parents, Harold and Louise, moved to the house in 1930 following their marriage. It was here their four children were born – Louise (1931), Harry (1934), Peter (1940), and George (1943).

Ringo Starr 9 Madryn Street
9 Madryn Street, in the Dingle area of Liverpool, the house where Ringo was born, was due to be bulldozed as part of a multimillion-pound regeneration scheme. But the housing minister has asked Liverpool city council to postpone the demolition of the house to allow more time for alternative plans to be considered. There is only one house left in this street with people living in it.

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  1. John Moieton

    August 11, 2016 at 6:33 am

    We almost got egged walking around Paul’s house taking the magical mystery tour (bus)..I caught the kid 3 houses away behind a tall pine tree…tour guide was mashed drunk at 10:00 am ..infact most locals were…

  2. K. Markarov

    October 21, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    Amazed to see Harrison ‘s birth house is deserted! !! It was habitable and people came out to meet Magical tour and the neighbour woman old enough to remember was telling story about his very young age, ,because he wasn’t interested making music after breaking up the band,doesn’t mean he is something less then McCartney &Lennon! !!It’s a shame the Beatles would be without him.

  3. Jim Hall

    August 12, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    My wife and I went on the Magical Mystery Tour. Our host was an actor, he did a wonderful job. Every time we stopped and looked at a house that one of the Beatles was born in people came out and spoke to us very nicely. They went out of their way. I asked the man who lived in George’s house, or next to George’s house don’t you get annoyed with fans? He commented if it wasn’t for fans they wouldn’t know where George lived and the memories would not continue. He was very kind. My wife is from Liverpool and for her this was a continuation of her memories. Very wonderful trip. We go back every few years to see our friends

  4. Molly

    August 13, 2019 at 7:35 am

    Paul’s 21st birthday party was held in his Auntie Gin’s back garden, not the Epstein home.

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