Under The Radar… Marvin Gaye

July 30, 2013

Everyone knows Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On and Let’s Get It On – they are albums that defined his solo career. But dig a little deeper into his back catalogue and you’ll find Here, My Dear. It’s an album has been described as the most “poisonous alimony settlement of the 20th Century”, but that’s missing the point.

This is a soul-opera, a raw heart-on-sleeve statement that tells the story of a couple’s love and loss in the starkest of terms – the couple being Marvin Gaye and his then wife Anna, the sister of Motown’s founder Berry Gordy. The album came about after Gaye’s affair and separation from Anna Gordy, and their lawyers striking a deal for hard-up Gaye to give the proceeds of his next album to Anna. Recorded in 1977 and released a year later following a bitter row with Motown, Here, My Dear met was universal disregard when it came out in December 1978; only with the passing of time can it be seen as an emotional, heart-wrenching opus. Some would say it’s Marvin’s finest ever recording.

One of a string of classic albums that redefined soul music in the 70s, Here, My Dear is part of the 8LP box set Volume Three: 1971-1981, which can be purchased here:

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  1. Peter

    I couldn’t understand the negativity when this brilliant album hit the stores. For me a MASTER PIECE and which I play from time to time to remind me of love and how we take it for granted yet do not understand the failings and obstacles it presents to us all.

  2. Shana

    I LOVE this cd! I listen to it all the yime! A true Mastet Piece. The songs on are beyond awesome! Great music then and now! He sings with such passion and agony. Oh my!!!!

  3. rosa johnson

    I understood and felt it when it 1st came out. I was going thru the breakup of my marriage also. I identified with every song and I still love this album.cry, cry, cry, I have done some crying. oh yeah.

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