Grace Jones’ Disco Years In New Box Set

March 12, 2015

Grace Jones, one of the most innovative and charismatic artists in the distinguished history of Island Records, is to have her first three albums for the label released as the 3CD, 4LP and digital sets titled ‘Grace Jones – Disco.’

The packages, out on May 4, comprise the first three Island releases by the Jamaican entertainer, 1977’s ‘Portfolio,’ the following year’s ‘Fame’ and the 1979 release ‘Muse,’ augmented with rare and unheard recordings.

Grace Jones DiscoAll three of the albums were produced by one of the most influential mixers and producers in the formative days of the disco boom, Tom Moulton. Each of the discs was rooted in the dance milieu of the late 1970s, before Jones’ transition to the reggae flavours of her later crossover success.

‘Portfolio’ was released in the year that the former model signed with Island, and featured interpretations of some show tunes and standards including ‘Send In The Clowns,’ ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘La Vie En Rose.’ The album enjoyed top ten success in Italy and Holland.

‘Fame,’ released only nine months later, was recorded at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia, repeating the previous album’s formula of a continuous medley on side one. It also contained an interpretation of the vintage ballad ‘Autumn Leaves.’ Jones, who had one co-write on each of the first two releases, co-wrote two songs on ‘Muse,’ which also featured the single ‘On Your Knees.’

The ‘Disco’ box set will include several newly-available tracks and versions from the period. Each format will include a 32-page booklet containing new liner notes, with each album remastered for the first time.

Pre-order the vinyl box set and CD box set from our Deluxe Audio Store.
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      1. Marc

        @uDiscover – There is ONE big mistake on the Box. The version of “Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’envole” that you labeled as long version (track 9 on Disc 2) is in fact a intrumental with backing vocals. What happened to the actual song?

        Also the Edit of the song Fame is unique and can not be edited from the album version. It has a additional drunroll intro and a cold ending outro that goes on longer than the LP version.

  1. Marc

    @uDiscover – the Edit of Fame was trimmed down from the album version bur featured a unique cold end- so this makes it essential.
    Also what about the original single verisons of I Need A Man, Sorry and That’s The Trouble? They are all substancially different to their album counter parts.

  2. Ali

    great, I expected them to add unreleased tracks and mixes like they did with nightclubbing, i was hoping for slave to the rhythm to get remastered in 2cd for its 30 year anniversary or warm leatherette.

  3. Potiez

    It’s really great to see the release of those 3 disco gems in a boxset! Although three rare bonus tracks are missing, I can’t complain. Probably because they were published on the French Orfeus label. Those tracks are “I need a man” (first version/mix), “Again and again” (b-side of “I need a man” in Europe) and “I’ll find my way to you” (first version used in the Italian movie “Quelli della calibro 38”, in 1976).

  4. Michel

    Yes ! More Grace Jones !!! What we REALLY need next is a Slave to the rhythm re-issue as the current CD version is totally f**ked up and heavily edited. Fortunately the picture disc release has the correct version of the album and can you IMAGINE how amazing it would sound in 5.1 !? Wit her upcoming shows, memoir and album a SLAVE remaster and 5.1 blu ray re-issue would make the Jones celebration as perfect as can be !

  5. Steve

    Does anyone know if the vinyl version will include a an MP3 stick as some other bands have done with releases like this ? Not being greedy am buying it anyway. And apologies if it’s not called an MP3 stick. It’s Saturday morning and I have a hangover.

  6. Ralf Lilje

    Would also like to inquire about the backing-vocals-only version of “Comme un oiseau qui s’envole” that’s included instead of the correct 12″ version.

  7. Frits nielsen

    I am so disapointed as i big music lover and still buying physical cd music you wont sent me for free the correct cd version of Fame saying you didnt buy it from our site how can you be so arrogant it is you as company who had not delevered the correct product to the record shops i love Grace Jones so much and the number with mistake is my favourite track the way you act could make me stop buying physical cds its a shame your company don’t have more intetest in people buying your product if you have any feelings for a big big music and Grace Jones lover please send me a copy of the correct version of the Fame cd to Frits Nielsen, Fiskergade 80 3 tv, 8000 Aarhus C , Denmark

  8. anthony

    just received the CD box set, the inside gatefold of Portfolio is solid black, no printing like the other two, is this a printing mistake? would like to get the correct cd cover – thanks!

  9. anthony

    just received the CD box set, the inside gatefold of Portfolio is solid black, no printing like the other two, is this a printing mistake? would like to get the correct cd cover – thanks!

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