Pianist And Composer Chad Lawson Releases ‘You Finally Knew’

Chad Lawson has released his new solo piano album ‘You Finally Knew’ – watch the videos for ‘Prelude in D Major’ and ‘Waltz in B Minor’ here.

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Pianist and composer Chad Lawson. Photo: Decca/Shervin Lainez

Pianist and composer Chad Lawson today released his new solo piano album, You Finally Knew, recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios. “You Finally Knew is an invitation of self-reflection,” explained Chad Lawson. “Beckoning us to pause and look inside ourselves, to see what makes each of us uniquely us. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be honest with ourselves as we unintentionally set aside even the smallest life-giving activities to address everyday obligations.”

“The music I make is meant to create calm”

Chad Lawson’s solo work has a relaxed, meditative feel that draws on both the sonorities of classical music and the freeform nature of jazz improvisation. You Finally Knew features ten pieces Chad composed to inspire listeners to take time every day to consciously be still for mental clarity and overall wellness of being. “The music I make is meant to create calm,” said Chad Lawson. “And now, more than ever, that’s what the world needs to hear.”

Watch the video for ‘Prelude in D Major’

Watch the video for the lead single ‘Prelude in D Major’ featuring dancers affiliated with historic Vogue houses—House of Ninja and House of Xtravaganza – merging modern classical music with contemporary dance. Chad Lawson quoted painter Edgar Degas when explaining the link between the performance and his music: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” He added, “This captivating choreography of Jason Rodriguez and José Lapaz Rodriguez illustrates how art is received, interpreted, and expressed as uniquely beautiful as the persons themselves.”

Chad Lawson - Prelude in D Major

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Chad Lawson is passionate about how music can reduce stress levels

Chad Lawson is passionate about how music can help people reduce stress levels and improve emotional health. “I’ve been studying a lot about the marriage of mental health and music and their effect on each other,” he said. “What is fascinating to learn is that studies show there’s a chemical breakdown inside of us when we listen to calming music, even just for 3 – 5 minutes. That physically elevates our mood.” He has been overwhelmed by the number of people reaching out to let him know how much his music has helped them through difficult times – especially during the pandemic. In response he launched a new podcast series, Calm It Down, and new episodes are released every Tuesday across all digital service providers including Spotify and Apple Music.

Watch the video for ‘Waltz in B Minor’

Chad Lawson places melody at the centre of his new album You Finally Knew. “‘Prelude in D Major’ and ‘Waltz in B Minor’ are an homage to the masters that so eloquently showed us the importance of a motif; how substance lies within a theme and how a simple melody will always be the heart of every song, regardless of instrument,” he noted.

Chad Lawson - Waltz in B Minor

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“I sat without pencil and paper and sang each part before placing a single finger on a piano key,” said Chad. “If I could not sing the melody and retain it in my ear, it didn’t make the cut. Only after the melody had become so ingrained in memory did I dare commit it to paper. Once the melody was in place, the chords and flourishes practically painted themselves.” Listen to Chad Lawson’s You Finally Knew and enjoy his calm music for a chaotic world.

Chad Lawson’s new album You Finally Knew is out now and can be bought here.

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