Crawlers Share Nostalgic New Single ‘That Time Of Year Always’

The single follows the group’s mixtape, ‘Loud Without Noise.’

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Crawlers - Photo: Claryn Chong (Courtesy of Polydor Records)
Crawlers - Photo: Claryn Chong (Courtesy of Polydor Records)

Following the release of their explosive debut mixtape Loud Without Noise and their visually stunning Loud & With Noise Live Sessions, Crawlers are ushering in a new musical chapter with the release of their nostalgia-tinged new single “That Time Of Year Always.” The song is out now via Interscope Records.

Accompanied by a driving guitar line and crashing drums, lead singer Holly Minto adopts reminiscing lyricism to tell a story of love and loss in blissful hindsight.

Crawlers - That Time Of Year Always (Lyric Video)

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On the inspirations behind the new track Minto shares, “‘That Time Of Year Always’ encompasses the feeling of envying your younger self before the trauma hits in your early 20s. It’s about missing the ignorance that you had in your childhood; that reflection process which usually happens for me during the winter seasons. Being older, you realize that despite thinking these thoughts stem from seasonal depression, it’s normal to feel that longing for your youth all year round, and to constantly have your younger self in mind when reminiscing about what once was.”

The track arrives on the heels of Loud Without Noise. The mixtape was highlighted by singles such as “Hang Me Like Jesus.” The track finds Crawlers singer Holly Minto exploring the grief she felt at the end of a relationship while struggling with her own mental health. Holly elaborates, “It was originally written about feeling like a burden to my partner when I was ill. After the relationship, I realized that I wasn’t being a burden, I was just trying to recover.”

Ultimately the process was a healing one. “Hang me like Jesus is obviously a metaphor, how Jesus felt like he was sacrificing himself for the sake of others. Which is what I felt like I did for this relationship. Not comparing myself to Jesus at all, but I really gave my whole self and expected nothing back because I thought I was in love. Hurts man. But hey, fell in love again, didn’t I?”

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