Hermanos Gutiérrez Shares Dramatic Leon Michels Affair Remix Of ‘Los Chicos Tristes’

The original version of the track features on the Swiss-Ecuadorian duo’s acclaimed, Dan Auerbach-produced album ‘El Bueno Y El Malo.’

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Hermanos Gutierrez - Photo: Larry Niehues

Ahead of playing a sold-out show at the 1,400-capacity Koko in London, Swiss-Ecuadorian duo Hermanos Gutiérrez have released their first-ever remix and vocal pairing of “Los Chicos Tristes,” from their most recent album, El Bueno Y El Malo, released through Dan Aeurbach’s Easy Eye label.

Remixed by Leon Michels, better known as El Michels Affair, and introducing vocals from Jensine Benitez, the new take on the beloved ambient instrumental adds more prominent drum beats and a spoken word introduction by Benitez, giving the song an intense, cinematic twist. Subtle organ notes, vocalizing, and Hermanos’ intertwining guitars lead the remix into a darker, more mysterious place while staying true to the duo’s intimate sound that has won them millions of fans across the globe. You can check out the new “Los Chicos Tristes” remix below.

Hermanos Gutiérrez - Los Chicos Tristes [El Michels Affair Remix ft. Jensine Benitez]

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About the new remix, Hermanos Gutiérrez says, “We remember seeing Leon Michels live on stage back in 2010 at Paradiso in Amsterdam, alongside the Expressions, Lee Fields and Charles Bradley. We flew to Amsterdam only to see these guys live and it was one of the best shows we’ve ever experienced! But it wasn’t till last year when we finally got to meet Leon in person, through Dan Auerbach, in Paris for their Record Hang. It was at that moment we could finally tell him how much we’ve been following his El Michels Affair records and all his work on his label Big Crown. Getting the chance to work on this remix together feels unreal to us and we’re just extremely happy how he added his own flavour to “Los Chicos Tristes” and ultimately turning it into such a powerful track!”

Michels adds, “I wanted to give the remix the same sort of drama and feel that bands like Los Angeles Negros and Los Pateles Verdes had in their music. Jensine Benitez is one of my favorite vocalists, and she finished it perfectly.”

“Los Chicos Tristes” is a stand-out song on El Bueno Y El Malo, the band’s internationally acclaimed album which was recorded at The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach at his Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville and which has garnered over 30 million streams globally to date. The duo also recently performed at the 2023 Americana Music Awards, where they were nominated for Album of the Year.

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