Vince Gill, Aaron Lewis, And Dan Tyminski Join Forces For CreatiVets Song

BMLG is releasing new music on the 20th of each month to highlight the alarming fact that an average of 20 veterans commit suicide every day.

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Vince Gill, Aaron Lewis, and Dan Tyminksi join forces on the new release in a campaign by Big Machine Label Group and CreatiVets, in aid of war veterans. BMLG is releasing new music on the 20th of each month to draw attention to the alarming fact that an average of 20 vets commit suicide every day, as shared in a study by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“They Call Me Doc” features the three artists on the release for CreatiVets, whose work helps wounded veterans to heal through the power of the arts and music. They provide songwriting sessions to help vets suffering from post-traumatic stress and brain injuries.

The new song is an example of how each composition tells the veteran’s personal story, in a program to help them cope with anxiety and depression. Many of the veterans involved in the project then continue to write songs on their own. Streaming revenue from the songs is going directly towards helping veterans.

They Call Me Doc

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“We’ve seen time and time again the healing power of music not only help our program participants, but also those American heroes who have access to listen to these songs,” says CreatiVets co-founder and executive director Richard Casper. “Our mission with this music series is perhaps counterintuitive to the music industry’s normal strategies.

“We aim to reach the right audience, not necessarily the largest audience, and I love the fact that our friends at Big Machine are okay with that fact. I know first-hand how isolating it can feel, sitting at home, not feeling like anyone can understand what you’ve gone through. With [Amazon’s] Alexa now in homes across this country, if we can save one life in this process by making these musical stories readily available, our efforts will be worth it.”

“They Call Me Doc” follows the earlier releases “Rise Above” by Craig Campbell, “Until It Feels Like Home” featuring Blackjack Billy, and “Workin’ In The Dirt” with Chris Ferrara, which was released in alignment with National Vietnam War Veterans Day. Plans call for CreatiVets songs in the coming months by Justin Moore, Craig Morgan, Heath Sanders, and others.

BMLG continues to contribute to CreatiVets’ work through Scott and Sandi Borchetta’s Music Has Value Fund. Additionally, Big Machine Music is co-publisher for CreatiVets. Read more about CreatiVets’ work at their website.

“They Call Me Doc” can be bought here.

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