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August 27, 2014

Dire Straits' legendary album, Love Over Gold is now available at a low price on the iTunes Store for a limited time only.

Dire Straits, like every band with a long and distinguished career of making great music, has released several 'Greatest Hits' packages, the songs that every fan loves. But every fan of a band with a long musical history also likes the lesser known tracks, tracks that are their secret passion, the gems from the back catalogue.

We've gone deep into the wonderful Dire Straits back catalogue to bring you 20 of what we consider to be the 'undiscovered gems', the tracks that excite us every bit as much as the hits. Let us know what are your favourite Dire Straits 'undiscovered' tracks…not Mark's solo material though, because we will be doing this all again on a playlist dedicated to MK.

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  1. Rose Heredia

    Wild West End is my favorite song – but then there are Mark’s soundtracks, Local Hero being my all time favorite music and movie. And the Cal material, Long Road – is very beautiful.

  2. Anrhony Lesurf

    Dire Straits have been my life inspiration, playing drums and going on tour for the first time in the USA ..im very proud to have found straits from early on and influence my career so strongly. aNT Lesurf. Angelo Tristan Band uk.

  3. Chris

    I love the Badges, Posters, Stickers or T-Shirts track. I first heard it from a friend at Uni over 25 years ago – he had it on an EP record. It’s a song that I think most people have never heard and would be worthy of putting on a playlist!

    1. Freddy-O

      I agree completely. I love that song and I wish the EP it’s on, “Twisting by the Pool”, would get released on CD.

      1. Galley

        All four of the tracks from the Twisting By The Pool EP are available on CD. Three of the tracks were released on the Twisting By The Pool CD-Video disc. Badges, Posters, Stickers And T-Shirts was included on the You And Your Friend CD-Single.

  4. Ranjeet Menon

    Why Worry?, Skateaway and News are my favorite ones from this list. Their extraordinary skills are amply visible in these songs, from the peppy News to the easy going Skateaway to the moody Why Worry?. Mark is simply mind blowing on the guitar in all these songs.

  5. Bart van de Ven

    Great list!!! I really miss Ride across the river. There is a great live version of the song on YouTube (posted by granada28). Also Where do you think you’re going gets me running.

  6. dwight

    Good list but I would consider Down To The Waterline (great haunting guitar) and Once Upon a Time in the West.

    1. Trific

      Absolutely agree: Once upon a time in the West is my favourite track, but I can’t choose between the album (communiqué) version or the live one from alchemy. Both brilliant , but both have such a completely different feel to them – that it is even possible to do this to the same song shows mk’s genius!

  7. Heiner

    Remember the “On every street” tour concert at Berlin, Waldbühne. Unforgettable the Chris White sax on “Your latest Trick” and “Brothers in Arms”. Important part of the Dire Straits sound.

  8. Nancy pitts

    I love Walk of Live 1976. I shared it so many times on facebook I know I drove people crazy. There is a commercial on tv playing this music and made me want to hear it again.

  9. Timothy Schoonover

    I would love to hear demos from “Brothers in Arms”. I would like to hear how those classics developed 🙂

  10. Dario Palladino

    In The Gallery
    Where Do You Think You Are Going
    Don’t forget these!
    These guys inspired all my life, the strength of the emotions contained in each song is outstanding.

  11. vittore panciera

    Single handed sailor is one of my favorites, but I’d like to listen the studio version of “what’s the matter baby”.

  12. Steven Pryce

    Undiscovered ? Most of us know them all but the ones not usually mentioned that I like are Skateaway,Down to the Waterline & On every street

  13. Kevin McCarney

    Angel of Mercy, Wild West End, Solid Rock, It never Rains, Live Portobello Belle, Latest Trick, Planet of New Orleans.

  14. Claus

    The Best Songs are( but all Songs are great and make me happy all the Time) Telegraph Road, Tunnel of Love, Wild West End, Local Hero, Sultans of Swing, Calling Elvis, Private Investiation, Twisting by the pool,The Bug, Solid Rock, Brothers in Arms, And mutch more Songs i Like all of Dire Straits, and Mark Knopfler Solo Music to, Golden Heart, Tracker, Salining to Philadelphia, Darling Pretty, Coyote, And the Great Song, Hillfarmer Blues!!!!!!!!

  15. Jerry De Zwart

    Water of Love from their first album goes strait to the heart with those subtle Knopfler riffs, and Eastbound Train rocks the Underground!

  16. Sue DeStratis

    Will never forget Marks performance at the 70th birthday party for Nelson Mandela with Eric Clapton playing “Brothers in Arms” with teary eyes….Saying; “Thank you very much” (an Elvis expression) ” Best party we’ve ever been to” Then Eric sings “Wonderful Tonight” I love the video Chet Atkins & Friend….you can see the great connection Mark & Chet have. That picking style of Chet’s that Mark uses in his style of playing…is really, really quite unique. Luv U Mark! Sara K.:) @—-{—-{—-{———–

  17. Willo

    Surely Lady Writer and Hand in Hand should be there. Always thought Lady Writer was one of the best DS songs.

    Skateaway is class.

    Gravy train with Sonny Landreth live. Magic stuff BTW.

    Good list. Love The Bug, Expresso Love.

  18. raffaele carozza

    “Skateaway”, definitely!! But why not “Les Boys”? Anyway these are just preferences.
    They are all beautiful!

  19. Atul

    Great list. Three atmospheric tracks that should have made the list- Iron hand, where do you think you’re going and follow me home.

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