Desired Effects: Killer Rock Frontman, Brandon Flowers

The man from Nevada has become one of 21st century rock’s most charismatic lead singers.

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Brandon Flowers Desired Effect

Brandon Flowers, born on June 21, 1981, has packed a great deal into his time as one of 21st century rock’s most charismatic frontmen. He’s now six chart-topping albums into his career with the Killers, not to mention two highly successful solo albums.

In June 2021, the Killers returned with a weighty new collaboration with one of Flowers’ abiding musical heroes, Bruce Springsteen. “Dustland” is a reimagining of the band’s 2008 track “A Dustland Fairytale,” prompted originally by a surprise message to Brandon from The Boss. It was the latest proof of the group’s enduring ability to surprise and inspire, and of Flowers’ talismanic presence as lead vocalist.

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In similarly unpredictable vein, in January 2019, the Killers had delivered a one-off track that sent a no-holds-barred socio-political message. The song was “Land Of The Free,” for which they unveiled a video directed by Spike Lee. In 2020 they set the scene for their sixth studio album Imploding The Mirage with the singles “Caution,” “Fire in Bone,” and “My Own Soul’s Warning.” When the full-length arrived, it reconfirmed their extraordinary following, especially in the UK, where it soared to No.1 just like all of its predecessors.

Growing up in Henderson, Nevada, Flowers is the youngest of six, with four older sisters and one older brother. The family moved to Utah when he was eight, and in his late teens he relocated to Las Vegas, where the Killers came into being in the early part of the 2000s.

Entertainment Weekly described Flowers’ second solo album The Desired Effect as “forward-thinking, Instagram-age rock.” It maintained that remarkable chart record in the UK, where every studio record he has released either solo or with the Killers has gone to No.1.

‘Our best songs are our next songs’

Late in 2015, Brandon told Loaded magazine about the possible direction of their next material. “Flood [the producer of Battle Born] asked me, ‘Which Killers are you going to be this time?’ I told him that maybe there’s a Killers we haven’t been yet,” said Flowers. “That’s really exciting. What I want is to take the experience of playing over a thousand shows and mix that with the enthusiasm we had making our first album, Hot Fuss.” They duly achieved that, but as the band always say themselves, “Our best songs ever are going to be on the next album.”

Flowers’ solo output across two distinguished albums in his own name have offered fans a different dimension of his talent. Here as a taste is “Can’t Deny My Love,” the lead single from The Desired Effect, with a video directed by Robert Schober.

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