Joep Beving Releases Deluxe Version Of ‘Henosis’

Acclaimed composer and pianist Joep Beving has released a new digital deluxe version of ‘Henosis’ featuring new solo piano tracks.

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Composer and pianist Joep Beving. Photo: Deutsche Grammophon/ Rahi Rezvani

Acclaimed composer and pianist Joep Beving has released a new digital deluxe version of Henosis which includes four brand new solo piano tracks. Henosis, the final volume in Joep Beving’s trilogy of albums, marking the end of an intensely personal four-year spiritual and philosophical exploration, was released last year. The new deluxe version includes the solo piano tracks ‘Klangfall’, ‘Orvonton’, ‘Sol And Luna’ and ‘Shepherd’ which Joep recorded on his beloved Schimmel piano.

Joep Beving - Henosis, a journey in three albums (Documentary)

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“This is my journey, and my search for understanding”

“This is my journey, and my search for understanding,” explained Beving. “I believe that the answers are much more on the inside. So this journey, in a way, is also an internal one. My hope is to give people a space to be in for a couple of minutes or hours where they feel things just seem to be right, like a recognition that they’re understood or that they can just be.”

Joep Beving has enjoyed almost unprecedented success in the contemporary classical music world. He received millions of streams for his first two albums Solipsism and Prehension (now certified Gold) and has toured extensively around the globe. His debut album Solipsism investigates the self and how it is related to the other by trying to show we have a shared understanding of what it is to be human. For Prehension Beving describes realizing he had zoomed out from the individual level to the level of the collective. Henosis is the last step, in which Beving’s destination is the vastness of the cosmos – that great, black void – in search of “ultimate reality and emptiness of the mind”.

The “most exciting and most versatile album” of his career

Last year Joep Beving won an Edison Award – an annual prize recognising outstanding achievement in the music industry – in the Neoclassical category. The jury praised Henosis as the “most exciting and most versatile album” of his career so far, an “intense listening experience” that marked a “step forward” in his sound.

Joep Beving started composing in 2014 to battle his own growing sense of alienation, in the hope that his music would resonate with people and help us understand how interconnected we are. “We’re all part of one thing,” he noted. “And so we need to love ourselves, each other and this world we inhabit. Establishing connections as humans makes our species stronger.” Henosis does this and more; it represents a journey into the vastness of the cosmos, drifting ever higher until you forget you “are”.

With this new deluxe version of Henosis Joep Beving hopes more will join him on his journey, celebrating not just life in all its glory but the communal aspect of music and its ability to unite us. His trilogy may be complete, but the power of his music to touch us all remains as strong as ever.

Joep Beving’s Henosis can be bought here.

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