New ‘M Means Music’ Episode Tackles Queen’s ‘The Miracle’

‘The Miracle’ was originally released in 1989.

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Queen - Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images
Queen - Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Season three of M Means Music has returned with a new episode offering an in-depth look at Queen’s classic album, The Miracle.

Host Daryl Easlea opens with a bit of background, saying, “It could be said that The Miracle was one of the most eagerly awaited album releases in Queen’s history. Originally to be intitled The Invisible Men, it was released on May 22, 1989. The last time they had released an album was A Kind Of Magic back in 1986. The tour for that album culminated with their performance at Knebworth in front of 100,000 people that August.

Exhausted by their achievements and emboldened by their new-found stellar status after Live Aid, the band went their separate ways to work on individual projects, and by late 1987 after a near two-year break from recording, the band were ready to get back to work.”

Easlea then expands on the success of Miracle, saying, “As a result perhaps of the longer time to put it together, and the shared writing credits, the album had a greater consistency than other Queen albums – stylistically, it doesn’t leap all over the shop. It’s clear that the group is together, enjoying each other’s company. ‘We had to stick to our guns and make an album of the kind that we feel people wanted from us. So it’s not heavily influenced by outside sources. I think it’s very us and it goes right back to our beginnings in many ways. It’s a very rounded album. I think it’s quite mature. It’s eclectic and it’s got a lot of hard-ass great guitar on it,’” reflected Brian May–as told by Easlea.

Easlea also dives into the “The Miracle” itself, saying, “The title track is a Queen classic – and, with it being Queen, there were about three or four hit songs bursting to get out, and the run-out melody would be enough for another group to base an entire career out of.”

Listen to the M Means Music episode on Queen’s The Miracle.

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