A Lennon & McCartney First

February 17, 2014

Del was in the UK in 1963 as the Beatles released their third single, ‘From Me To You’. He appeared at the Royal Albert Hall on the same bill as the Fab Four where he heard them perform their new record. He immediately told John Lennon he was going to record it, Lennon was flattered but was also worried that it might harm the Beatles chances of success by having their song recorded by as big a star as Del Shannon.

In the end Del’s cover made No.77 in the USA and nine months later The Beatles version got to No.41. Del has the honour of having the first Lennon and McCartney composition to chart in the USA.

"At that time no one had heard of The Beatles here, but I knew they were great writers so I just picked up on one of their songs." - Del Shannon

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  1. VIV

    We used to all meet in a Biker Cafe in the 60,s and Del Shannon was always on the Record Player,the last Song before the Cafe closed was always Run Away ah if we could turn back time xxxx

  2. Ian Buchanan

    My first Del record was So Long Baby, bought on release. A great artist never really given the credit he deserved. Still have that 7″ and many others. Obviously have the CD’s and downloads these days but keep the deck so I can play the originals occasionally.

  3. Colin Shortland

    I still have the original L P of him — and still love his music, don`t make records like that any more

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