‘It’s OK’: One Of Those 15 Big Ones For The Beach Boys

‘It’s OK’ was another summer anthem and another hit from the band’s revitalising 1976 album.

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Its OK Beach Boys
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Mike Love’s vocals jumped straight in. “Fun is in, it’s no sin, it’s that time again,” he sang, and it was — time for the Beach Boys to deliver another summer anthem and land another hit from their 15 Big Ones album, with “It’s OK.” The song made its US chart debut on August 21, 1976.

It's O.K. (Remastered 2012)

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The 15 Big Ones LP had made its chart debut as America celebrated the bicentennial of its independence, and what greater symbol of cultural pride did the nation possess than the Beach Boys? As they continued to ride the new wave of popularity that had started two years earlier with their Endless Summer compilation, the group now went backwards to go forwards.

In other words, 15 Big Ones was comprised largely of new covers of old rock’n’roll classics, including the lead single, a spirited take on Chuck Berry’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music.” That reached No.5 in the US, remarkably their best singles chart ranking there since “Good Vibrations” almost a decade earlier.

‘Good Vibrations’ steals the show

In the UK, a new 20 Golden Greats compilation topped the chart in that summer of 1976, although ironically “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music” was upstaged by a reissue of “Good Vibrations,” released to promote the British retrospective. That 1966 classic returned to the UK Top 20.

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“It’s OK” had a British connection of its own. The saxophone on the track was played by longtime Beach Boys devotee and studio/songwriting mastermind Roy Wood, much loved for his records with The Move, the early ELO, Wizzard and his solo hits. Bolstered by an NBC TV special that aired in early August called The Beach Boys: It’s OK, the track rose to No.29 in America, as the 15 Big Ones album won gold certification.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mick DeLeon

    August 26, 2016 at 12:25 am

    “It’s OK” really should have been their biggest hit of the 70s — bigger than “Sail On Sailor”, bigger than “Good Timin'”, bigger than “Rock & Roll Music”. But, inexplicably, it wasn’t.

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