Aurora Completes ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ Unreleased Track Trio With ‘A Potion For Love’

The track acts as a sister record to ‘Exist For Love.’

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Aurora ‘A Potion For Love’ – Photo: Courtesy of Decca Records/YouTube
Aurora ‘A Potion For Love’ – Photo: Courtesy of Decca Records/YouTube

Aurora has concluded the unveiling of a trio of previously unreleased tracks from her latest album The Gods We Can Touch with the release of “A Potion For Love.”

“I wanted to write something for the people who had forgotten why they ever fell in love in the first place,” the unconventional pop singer and songwriter shared of the song in a statement.

“A Potion For Love” serves as the sister track to the previously shared “Exist For Love,” which was released in 2020 as the lead single to The Gods We Can Touch. The song arrives with an exclusive live performance that finds Aurora drenches in soft pink lights matching the smooth tone of the track.

AURORA - Potion For Love (Live) | Vevo Studio Performance

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Speaking about the ballad that inspired “A Potion For Love,” Aurora said: “I never thought that I would ever write a song about love. But now I am ready. My heart is ready.”

Speaking with Apple Music, she added: “What I like about Aphrodite is the personification of love. I love the idea of love having its own personality and body and being. I wrote it in 2019 when the coronavirus was just a distant thing going on in Wuhan. Then I decided to release it a year before I knew I was going to do the album because I thought the world needed a little love.”

“A Potion For Love” joins Aurora’s latest releases “The Devil Is Human” and “The Woman I Am” to complete the trio of songs that followed the release of The Gods We Can Touch. The album featured the lead singles “Cure for Me,” “A Dangerous Thing,” and “A Temporary High,” among a slate of others that examine the intricacies and dimensions of love.

“That’s why I made the ‘Gods We Can Touch’, we deserve to worship something we can see ourselves,” Aurora explained to Rolling Stone UK. “Not something that is perfect and all knowing and almighty. But society needs to worship and love something that is right here and exists in all of us and everything.”

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