Bryan Ferry Discusses Roxy Music’s Upcoming 50th Anniversary Tour And More With Apple Music

The Roxy Music Tour kicks off September 7 in Toronto.

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Bryan Ferry - Photo: Gus Stewart/Redferns
Bryan Ferry - Photo: Gus Stewart/Redferns

Bryan Ferry stopped by Zane Lowe’s show on on Apple Music 1 to discuss 50 years of Roxy Music, Brian Eno’s impact on the band, the group’s upcoming 50th-anniversary tour with St. Vincent, his latest solo EP Love Letters, Roxy Music’s enduring influence across generations, and more.

Regarding the 50th anniversary tour, Ferry says, “We all thought it was a great idea to do that. Especially after the last couple of years where everyone has been going through such a strange time, it felt like that be wonderful to see our audience again, played together again and celebrate this 50 kind of landmark and having been working the last year on putting together the lyric book that kind of focused me on the whole catalog of songs in Roxy music….it’s an emotional connection, which music is a very emotional thing and you have to connect with people on that level when you’re working together.

He even discussed some of the rehearsals, adding, “It was great today. We were running through things and slowly getting there. So there’s emotion between the players and, of course, the audience is half of the whole thing. And so you get such a strong feedback from an audience when you’ve had a long career, because they’re all from different generations and from different scenes and so on. It’s great to get people together and their common interest is us and our music. It’s a very special thing and we’re all very looking forward to it and it’s going to be a moving experience for all of us.”

Musing on the influence of Brian Eno, Ferry says, “He was a great ideas person and would come up with really great sounds and he would change the sounds of say the oboe or the saxophone or the guitar and tweak these sounds and bring a weird and wonderful dynamic to what we were doing.”

Ferry also humorously discussed how it would be great to have St. Vincent opening the entire tour because they would have to deal with him for an entire evening, so they would appreciate having a female voice opening the show.

Listen to Bryan Ferry’s Zane Lowe Apple Music 1 Interview.

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