Coi Leray Returns With New Single ‘Wasted’

The track arrives on the heels of the Jersey Club Remix of “Players” by DJ Smallz 732.

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Coi Leray - Photo: Courtesy of Uptown Records/Republic Records
Coi Leray - Photo: Courtesy of Uptown Records/Republic Records

Coi Leray has shared an emotionally charged R&B banger entitled “Wasted.” To celebrate the wildly anticipated new track, Leray also shared a music video via Uptown Records/Republic Records.

Asserting herself as the “Queen of Social Media,” Leray initially teased a clip of the song to much fanfare. Of course, the initial post skyrocketed with over 265K “likes” and comments courtesy of SZA, Ludacris, Russ, and more. Musically, she seamlessly steps into a new lane on “Wasted.” Over a slinky and slick guitar loop, her evocative vocals instantly captivate, flexing her fiery range. Her attitude shines as she warns, “F--k around, make me call up your momma!” The cinematic music video captures her raw feelings as she navigates a romantic relationship that is a waste of her time.

It arrives on the heels of her Jersey Club Remix of “Players” by DJ Smallz 732. As an early adopter of teasing music via TikTok, Coi Leray has been praised for her mastery of the platform. With her new song “Players,” she shared a preview on TikTok, and it instantly attracted over five million views.

Once the audio was officially released, it blasted off with over three million cumulative streams in two weeks and a number of popular remixes. Most notably, DJ Smallz 732 created a Jersey Club Remix that received over 650,000 video creates on TikTok. “Players” currently has multiple sounds trending on TikTok including the original, Jersey Club Remix, DJ Saige Mashup, and a Busta Rhymes Remix.

The original song features a sample of “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five. Coi Leray rips through one bold and braggadocious bar after another, exuding confidence and charisma. It pops off with the instantly unshakable hook as she proves, “‘Cause girls is players too.” Upon release, it received critical acclaim from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, E! News, Essence, XXL, and more.

It simultaneously jumped to the top of numerous popular playlists on streaming platforms including #OnRepeat on Apple Music and Feelin Myself on Spotify. Additionally “Players” has entered the charts. Upon impact, on Apple Music entered the Hip-Hop/Rap Top 200. While on Shazam it was at No.1 in New York City, Top 20 United States, and Top 200 Global Songs.

Buy or stream “Wasted.”

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