Iggy Pop Narrates Surreal Documentary, ‘In Praise of Nothing’

Described as “a satirical documentary”, the film explores what the concept of ‘Nothing’ would say to humans if it could speak.

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Iggy Pop has narrated an avant-garde film entitled In Praise Of Nothing, which he plays ‘The Voice of Nothing.’

Described as “a satirical documentary”, the film – which is out now – explores what the concept of ‘Nothing’ would say to humans if it could speak. As ‘The Voice of ‘Nothing’, Iggy narrates throughout.

In a post on Twitter, Iggy explained: “Iggy is the Voice of Nothing in a spectacular documentary satire about what Nothing would tell us, if it could speak. Now available in 35 languages, incl. Esperanto & Latin.”

Described as “a whistleblowing documentary parody,” the 78-minute In Praise Of Nothing – which took almost ten years to make – is entirely composed of fixed shots filmed by 68 film-makers in over 70 countries.

Iggy Pop can be heard throughout narrating over the shots as ‘Nothing’, commenting on what the concept observes – speaking in rhyme throughout.  You can check out the film’s official trailer below.

„In Praise of Nothing” Official Trailer

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Elsewhere in Iggy Pop news, it was revealed that the iconic singer would be one of the artists taking part in this year’s Record Store Day, releasing ‘The Villagers’/ ‘Pain & Suffering’ on 7″ vinyl.

The artist, who also celebrates his birthday on Record Store Day this year, said: “In my life, music has been a balm for loneliness. It was in the cheap ass little record store that I found a way to connect with other people. I was 18. It was a theatre, a glimpse at the world of commerce, and a cultural library; and my experiences as a teenage clerk were full of humour, and curiously warm.

“The modern approach, which is fine, still needs nourishment from this template. Everywhere on earth I go, there are freaks minding a record store. It’s a good hang – daylight vs. dimly lit, clear eyed vs. stoned, and social vs. savage. So that’s why I like ’em.”

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