‘Downton Abbey’ Film Soundtrack, Scored By John Lunn, Announced

The original motion picture soundtrack to the new feature film ‘Downton Abbey’, scored by composer John Lunn, will be released in September 2019.

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The soundtrack to the new feature film Downton Abbey, scored by composer John Lunn, will be released on 13 September 2019. The Downton Abbey film score, composed in a similar style to the two-time Emmy Award-winning music from the television series, is richly orchestrated with the familiar title theme making an appearance throughout. In a throwback to the ‘Roaring Twenties’, upbeat jazz arrangements appear alongside lavish waltzes, reflecting the popular styles of the day.

DOWNTON ABBEY | Official Trailer | In Theaters September 20

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The feature film Downton Abbey is scheduled for cinematic release on 13 September in the UK and 20 September in the United States. The original award-winning television series, centered on a great English estate on the cusp of a vanishing way of life, first aired on ITV in September 2010 and has enjoyed six critically acclaimed seasons. The film picks up where the last TV series ended in the autumn of 1927, joining Lord and Lady Grantham and the extended Crawley family as they prepare for a visit from the reigning King George V. Original cast members, including Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern and Dame Maggie Smith, star alongside new cast members, Imelda Staunton, David Haig and Geraldine James, in the script by Julian Fellowes.

Scottish composer John Lunn has composed all the music for the television series Downton Abbey since it began in 2010. His haunting theme for Downton Abbey evoked the turning of years, and the uncertainty and undercurrents of tragedy that touched everyone’s lives during that turbulent era. John Lunn’s music possesses a unique voice and spans a wide spectrum of music styles. Classically trained, yet contemporary in attitude, he combines a highly intelligent and sensitive approach with a sound that always hits at the emotional heart of a piece. He received two Primetime Emmy Awards for his music for Downton Abbey and two BAFTA nominations in 2012 and 2016. Lunn also received critical acclaim for his scores for three BBC Charles Dickens adaptations: The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Little Dorrit, and Bleak House.

Lunn was the first choice to score the feature film Downton Abbey and recalls, “I was delighted to be approached to create the feature length film score to a series which has had a huge impact on audiences and fans all over the world. At first it was like discovering a long-lost friend, but gradually I realised that we’d never really been apart; by the end it was just such a joy to revisit this material and have the opportunity to take it to a whole new level.”

Downton Abbey: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released on 13 September 2019. Scroll down to read the full tracklisting and pre-order the soundtrack here.


The full tracklisting for Downton Abbey: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is:

1. ‘A Royal Command’
2. ‘Pillar Of The Establishment’
3. ‘Gleam And Sparkle’
4. ‘God Is A Monarchist’
5. ‘Two Households’
6. ‘Incident At A Parade’
7. ‘Sabotage’
8. ‘Maud’
9. ‘Honour Restored’
10. ‘Never Seen Anything Like It’
11. ‘Not Entirely A Bad Night’
12. ‘May I?’
13. ‘Taking Leave’
14. ‘Resolution’
15. ‘You Are The Best Of Me’
16. ‘Sunset Waltz’
17. ‘One Hundred Years Of Downton’

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1 Comment

  1. Darryl

    October 8, 2019 at 1:02 am

    Just saw the film this past Saturday and loved it — what a delicious bon-bon, or even bon mot, for all of us DA fans; the movie was a nice ending, and beginning to the futures of the cast, and they all find love and contentment, even the servant rebellion against the stuffy royal servants, Julian Fellowes at his best, with such a superb cast! Lady Mary gets to be the grand dame as Granny hands over the reigns for the 1970s,and, Thomas gets the promise of a boyfriend. What a kiss! Nicely done!

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