Ludovico Einaudi Announces New Album ‘Cinema’

‘Cinema’ features Ludovico Einaudi’s greatest works from film and television including tracks from Oscar winners ‘Nomadland’ and ‘The Father’.

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Ludovico Einaudi has announced he will release Cinema, a new collection of his greatest works from film and television, including tracks from Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe winners Nomadland and The Father, on 4 June 2021. Cinema features 28 tracks including music from Nomadland, The Father, The Water Diviner, This Is England, I’m Still Here, Insidious and Doctor Foster . The album features two previously unreleased recordings – the title track from Russell Crowe’s 2014 movie The Water Diviner and new single ‘My Journey’ from The Father, the award-winning film starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman.

Ludovico Einaudi said, “It is a wonderful sign that Nomadland and The Father, two beautiful independent films that talk about important and profound themes, have been recognised with these great awards. I feel honoured to have contributed with my music to these two moving stories.”

Ludovico Einaudi - Cinema - Official Trailer

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“I knew then his music would fit perfectly with our movie”

Nomadland director Chloe Zhao was recently featured as a guest on podcast series Experience: The Ludovico Einaudi Story and she explained, to host Joe Dempsie, how she first discovered Einaudi’s music: “I went online to search for classical music inspired by nature …[it led me to] a YouTube video to his Elegy for the Arctic. I then started listening to Seven Days Walking and was so amazed by how I felt Ludovico was walking in the Alps. I felt like he and [the character of] Fern were walking in parallel; their shared love of nature connects them, and I knew then his music would fit perfectly with our movie.”

Ludovico Einaudi - Einaudi: Low Mist (Day 3) (From ''Nomadland'')

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Florian Zeller, director of The Father, who was also featured on Experience: The Ludovico Einaudi Story podcast series, noted, “The reason I really wanted to work with Einaudi is the way he used violins. I wanted to have a violin-like golden thread throughout the film [The Father]. So, it was a very delicate composition. In a way, almost nothing …he’s the master of that territory, almost nothing. Because when there is almost nothing but so much sensuality and mystery, it’s something huge.”

“Einaudi sat at the piano and what wasn’t a film, became a film”

Actor and producer Russell Crowe (Les Miserables, Gladiator), director and screenwriter Shane Meadows (This Is England, Dead Man’s Shoes), and writer and director Eric Toledano (The Intouchables, Samba) also explore how they first discovered Ludovico Einaudi’s music on podcast series Experience: The Ludovico Einaudi Story. Russell Crowe worked with the composer on his directorial debut The Water Diviner. He recalled, “I was using Ludovico’s music a lot on the set just to keep the goosebumps on people’s skin … it makes you feel like you’re actually inside the movie.” Shane Meadows described working with Einaudi on This is England, “Einaudi sat at the piano and what wasn’t a film, became a film.”

Ludovico Einaudi regularly tops the classical charts globally and is the most streamed classical artist of all time and one of the most ubiquitous contemporary composers of the century.

Regarding the use of his music for film and television Ludovico Einaudi noted, “They say my music is cinematic …it is always interesting for me to see my music combined with images; it is like rediscovering reading my music with a different perspective.”

Cinema will be released on 4 June 2021. Scroll down to read the full tracklisting and pre-order the album here.

The full tracklisting for Ludovico Einaudi’s Cinema is:

1. ‘Experience’
2. ‘Golden Butterflies – Day 1’
3. ‘Berlin Song’
4. ‘Love Is A Mystery’
5. ‘Main Theme from The Third Murder’
6. ‘My Journey’**
7. ‘The Water Diviner’**
8. ‘Petricor’
9. ‘Fly’
10. ‘Time Lapse’
11. ‘Walk’
12. ‘Cold Wind Var 1 – Day 1’
13. ‘Ascolta’
14. ‘Histoire Sans Nom’
15. ‘Due Tramonti’
16. ‘Run’
17. ‘Le Onde’
18. ‘L’Origine Nascosta’
19. ‘White Night’
20. ‘The Earth Prelude’
21. ‘Oltremare’
22. ‘Fairytale’
23. ‘Fuori Dal Mondo’
24. ‘Una Mattina’
25. ‘Nuvole Bianche’
26. ‘Newton’s Cradle’
27. ‘Dietro Casa’
28. ‘Low Mist – Day 1’

**previously unreleased tracks

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