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Country star Kacey Musgraves has announced that her new album will be titled ‘Pageant Material,’ and released on Mercury Nashville on June 23 (and a day earlier internationally). It is, of course, the follow-up to the hugely successful, double Grammy-winning breakthrough ‘Same Trailer, Different Park’ and features the current country chart single ‘Biscuits.’

“Going back into the studio this time around was really fun and exciting for me because I knew more about myself and my direction,” says Kacey. “The majority of ‘Pageant Material’ was recorded live, which was a bit of a departure from ‘Same Trailer,’ and gave it more of a concise, classic sound.

“All of the incredible musicians were in the same room playing on the entire record, and I think that spirit comes across. The last couple of years have done so much for me, and this project was really affected by that in the best way. There are certain moments lyrically that still hit me hard even after listening so many times. It’s a great glimpse into where my head is from ‘Same Trailer’ to now.”

Musgraves recently played the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California and is for other US festivals such as Bonnaroo and Bumbershoot. The full track listing for ‘Pageant Material,’ with songwriters, is:

1. High Time (KM, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally)
2. Dime Store Cowgirl (KM, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally)
3. Late To The Party (KM, Brandy Clark, Josh Osborne)
4. Pageant Material (KM, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally)
5. This Town (KM, Luke Laird, Brandy Clark)
6. Biscuits (KM, Shane McAnally, Brandy Clark)
7. Somebody To Love (KM, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
8. Miserable (KM, Josh Osborne, Brandy Clark)
9. Die Fun (KM, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally)
10. Family Is Family (KM, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
11. Good Ol’ Boys Club (KM, Luke Laird, Natalie Hemby)
12. Cup Of Tea (KM, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
13. Fine (KM, Ashley Arrison, Shane McAnally)

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