10cc Biography, ‘The Worst Band In The World’, Set For Publication In February

Authorised by the band, the book has been written by Liam Newton and will be released through Rocket 88 on 12 February.

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10CC Biography Worst Band In The World

A fully authorised 10cc biography is to be published early next year. Titled 10cc: The Worst Band In The World, it has been written by Liam Newton and will be released through Rocket 88 on 12 February in hardcover.

The exhaustive book is said to have been “a true labour of love” for Newton, who has been writing and researching the biography over the course of the last 30 years. The book features 30 chapters, more than 170,000 words and is 528 pages long.

Described as the band’s “semi-legendary definitive biography”, 10cc: The Worst Band In The World is based on interviews with founding members Kevin Godley, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart, plus those with a host of people connected to the pioneering Manchester outfit, including Rick Fenn, Paul Burgess, Harvey Lisberg, Jonathan King, Zeb White and Aubrey Powell. The result is the fullest telling of the fascinating 10cc (and Strawberry Studios) story that there is.

The synopsis reads: “Over the past three decades Liam has interviewed founder members, contributors, former managers, producers, collaborators and artists for this work. He’s read every interview, book and article about 10cc, bought every recording of not just 10cc but their various offshoots and previous incarnations, too. But this isn’t a dry and dusty research document, it’s a living, laughing, lively telling of a precious piece of British pop music history.”

Former 10cc member Kevin Godley, who’s penned the book’s foreword, says: “I read the whole book and it’s damn good. Very thoroughly researched and quite a story. Lots of stuff in there I didn’t actually know.”

10cc’s Graham Gouldman adds: “It’s only after reading this book that I realised how influential 10cc were.”

Eric Stewart also says: “Really impressed with all the extra info in the new edition.”

Visit the band’s official website for further information about 10cc: The Worst Band In The World.

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1 Comment

  1. Graham Smith

    December 15, 2019 at 3:45 pm

    Odd picture to use… as the book is mainly about the great original 4 piece lineup, not this later 5cc version!

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