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BLACKPINK Tease New ‘B.P.M.’ Release

Whatever ‘B.P.M.’ is will arrive ‘soon,’ according to the teaser.

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BLACKPINK - Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount Global
BLACKPINK - Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount Global

BLACKPINK have teased a new release on YouTube, entitle “B.P.M.,” which stands for “Born Pink Memories.” In the black and white clip–with flashes of pink, of course–the band shares photos and a slightly restructured version of their Born Pink track “Shut Down.”

Back in September, BLACKPINK scored their first No.1 album in the US with Born Pink, becoming the first girl group to top the Billboard 200 since 2008.


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The K-pop megastars released BORN PINK on September 16, and the record debuted on the top spot in its first week of eligibility.

The Beatles - Now And Then
The Beatles - Now And Then
The Beatles - Now And Then

The album, which features the global hit singles “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down,” racked up 102,000 album equivalent units in its first week of release. As well as becoming the first girl group to top the chart in 14 years, BLACKPINK also became the first K-pop girl group to reach the top of the Billboard 200.

The initial chart news followed BLACKPINK making more history in the UK, where they became the first K-pop girl group to debut at No.1 with over 20,000 album equivalent units sold in its weeks. BORN PINK also hit the top spot on the Canadian charts.

According to a report from Soompi, the album also broke the record for the highest first-week sales of any female artist in history according to Circle Chart data, which reported an even higher figure of 2,141,281 copies sold – making BORN PINK the first “double million-seller” album by a K-pop girl group.

BLACKPINK’s second album was off to a massive start even before its release, thanks to a plethora of wildly successful singles. Back in August, the single “Pink Venom” earned the biggest music video premiere of the year at that point and also broke records on Spotify. The video for “Shut Down,” meanwhile, has also garnered more than 258 million views as of today, December 1.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. BTSJeans

    December 7, 2022 at 4:04 am


    • Reportedly got the least work done, but receipts beg to differ.

    • Mouth-breather. J*soo’s jawline is the worst out of the 4 members. Made the sides of her face so thin, Jisoo can’t even stick her chin and jaw out from her neck that far anymore, because her lower face has grown into part of her neck. Probably mouth-breathed since young and when singing and dancing too. Hard to tell where the sides of her face end and neck begins. No wonder Jisoo wears curtain bangs and side hair pieces to frame her face, her jawline is gone.

    • Crosses her eyes too much. She won’t look into the camera properly without at least one eye leaning into her nose, all of Jis*o’s photos and videos show her black eyes CROSSED everytime. And her eyes look too close together.

    • Jisoo’s ears are too big and stick out too much sideways. She needs her ears pinned back.

    • Her nose is turning from small and slim into big and bulky at the bottom, one surgery is undoing itself. The cheekbones have been overfilled, because she has an overbite and needs her cheekbones to look like they come first before her bulgy mouth. Chin is slanted in, needs more filler.

    • Jisoo has a very long face. Mostly from the mouth-breathing, it drags her features down, but the length vertically from forehead to chin is still too long. Looks like a horse. And she is still mouth-breathing whenever she dances or sings or pants. 2.5/10, mouth-breathing is bad.

    • Has the longest face of them all, a cross between a rectangle and cresent-moon shape. Her features look draggy and weighed down with it. Long faces are one of the hardest to fix in surgery, cannot shave it very much length-wise.

    • Her eyes have been cut too far in, you can see the red flesh at the inner corners and the outer parts look more slopy than sharp with a weird stretch to them.

    • Her nose implant shows up too much in the middle, her cheekbones look bulky and overfilled, like cement, and her chin is too long and jutty. The face-shaving at the sides of her face only served to weaken her jawline shape and make her face look longer. And, about that jawline, looks too small against her neck, like it got blended into it. Very bad.

    • Also her skin bleaching injections did not work, R*sé’s blonde hair looks so blended in with her skin tones, sometimes she look like she’s bald or her hair is growing into her face & arms. 3/10


    • Is the 2/10 femcel-looking bitch out of the 4, has the most boring and insipid face ever. Plain, the little nips and tucks couldn’t help.

    • Face length is too short, shape is too round, eyes look lowkey swollen like they’ve been cut too much. Nose, the nostrils look like they’ve also been cut too much, different shape.

    • Her cheekbone filler did make them higher than Lal*sa’s though, but chin is a little too inward sloping and jawline is so weak from the shaving it also seems like her face grew into her neck. The botox seems to have worked the most though, her more pedo stans like her because they think she looks like an overgrown babyface.


    • Even after all the facial surgeries, doesn’t look any better, her overall face length is too short, her eyes look like filler has migrated into them, L*sa is getting as cross-eyed as Jisoo, her nose still looks botched and she has low cheekbones.

    • When she smiles the lines don’t show any high apples of cheeks but come down low into her jaw and chin. Her jawline got shaved too much, not strong, and looks like her face has grown into her neck. Her old more boyish and rough look is coming back again from excessive re-filling and dissolving and shaving the face. Also, get a load of that big pudgy forehead! The bangs are needed. 3.5/10

    One of the most irritating things we’ve noticed from their toxic shitass fandom part of non-Asian(especially white) Blinks is, at least 76% of them are ‘fans’ only because the Blackpink girls are Asian. These idiotic numbnut Blonks fetishize the Pinks’ looks, bodies and mannerisms, cooing and gushing over how “aegyo” and “exotic” they are, and make a stupid fantasy out of the 4 of them, constantly oogling the Pinks’ eye shape or jawlines in the photos and even worse, writing trashy mostly-lesbian fanfiction about the BP girls describing their naked bodies and intimate parts in such great detail.

    Another thing, most of these Blonks’ accounts also fetishize other K-pop girl groups and a lot of famous Asian people to coom to. And the way they overly-talk about Asian people’s looks and mannerisms is filled with such passively racist and ostracizing “othering” words and phrases, and trying too hard to sound like they “mean it as a compliment and like Asian features the most” – GROSS, their socials all look like a yellow fever hazing mess.

    • Queer-baiting (They’re never gonna fuck you, bitch)

    • They’ve all had secret relationships with boys while under YG before. Especially Jennie, so many guys she’s connected to. Kinda allowed to date or just have sex because they are rich and paid their way into the company.

    • All the fake almost-kissing and touching and acting out like their respective ship names is getting real old and tired, only because YG told them to do that. Kpop companies know what their audience are like, so most of them encourage their idols to queerbait just to give the stans fanservice and keep them hooked like a carrot on a stick.

    • They even wrote that Jis*o read the sapphic novel “the price of salt” just for marketing purposes, yes they wrote that bio up for her, no company would ever tell the idols’ real interests and likes.

    • How they even have a fandom full of unattractive lesbians and bisexual wlw whom are lonely femcels means those blonks are dumbass.

    In conclusion, Blackpink girls are not a fantasy or exciting or cuties at all. For fucks sake, if you have to fetishize and thirst after kpop group, at least pick one of the bands from HYBE. Like New Jeans, all of them have better visuals and are all natural. Or even BTS, they are the #1 OG international kpop group ever and natural too. Blackpink’s looks are subpar and mediocre, there are better fish out there.

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