The Bad, The Bad And The Ugly: The Worst Album Covers Of All Time

September 29, 2017

As the artwork housing albums as diverse as The BeatlesSgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Sex PistolsNever Mind The Bollocks… Here’s The Sex Pistols bears out, the quality of a record can often be matched by the timelessness of its sleeve, regardless of its genre. Unfortunately, though, for every award-winning graphic, there are thousands that should have been consigned to the design studio’s bin. Here, uDiscover salute 20 monumentally epic fails as we reveal the worst album covers of all time.

Tino Fernandez: Por Primera Vez
Discussing the design of their immortal Smell The Glove album cover, a confused Spinal Tap member posed the question: “What’s wrong with being sexy?” The answer to that is provided by the sleeve to this 1983 album by Mexican heartthrob Tino Fernandez. Nice shorts, though.

Boxer: Below The Belt
Ever wondered why punk needed to happen? Look no further than the sleeve of this 1975 album, which – even by the standards of those less-than-PC times – beggars belief. In mitigation, Boxer’s Ollie Halsall (aka Ollie Haircut) was also in ace pop parodists The Rutles.

CJ & Co: Devil’s Gun
This innuendo-laden funk-soul monstrosity came straight outta Detroit in 1977. Decades later, its double entendre potential remains boundless.

The Frivolous Five: Sour Cream & Other Delights
This album of Tijuana-flavoured, Herb Alpert-esque pop pastiche from 1966 includes a track called ‘Whipped Cream’. On seeing this, it would appear the record label’s design team had a collective light-bulb moment. The application of any other logic here, frankly, is too scary to countenance.

Worst Album Covers Tino Fernandez Por Primera Vez Boxer Below The Belt CJ & Co Devils Gun The Frivolous Five Sour Cream & Other Delights

The Singing Postman: The Best Of The Singing Postman
Yes, the sleeve is unfeasibly bad, but there’s a backstory. Allan Smethurst really was a Norfolk postman who hummed tunes on his round and (with help from EMI) later recorded them. He even won an Ivor Novello Award in 1966 for the novelty song ‘Hev Yew Gotta Loight, Boy?’

Señor Coconut: El Baile Alemán
Some of the worst album covers are married to some of the worst album concepts. Fancy some delightful, Latin-inspired reinventions of classic Kraftwerk numbers from the 70s and 80s, such as ‘Showroom Dummies (Cha-Cha-Cha)’ and ‘Autobahn (Cumbia Merengue)’, as performed by what appears to be the cruise ship cabaret band from hell? No, me neither, now you come to mention it.

Boned: Up At The Crack
If the laughably phallic sleeve art doesn’t drop heavy hints that Boned are/were a metal-tinged pub-rock outfit, then love-pump-lickin’ titles such as ‘Loaded On Love’ and the delightful ‘Ain’t No Talkin’ With Your Mouth Full’ (ahem) ram the point home. One for those mourning the demise of The Macc Lads.

The Worst Album Covers Best Of The Singing Postman Senor Coconut El Baile Alemán Boned Up At The Crack

Johnny Janot: Expose Yourself To Cajun Music & Johnny Janot
This (cough) lively collection of Cajun, gospel and world music from the early 80s was sponsored by Swallow Records and features a track called ‘We Did It To One Another’. If the cumulative effect of these double entendres, the sleeve design and all-round appalling taste didn’t conspire to kill off Johnny’s career, we can only assume his unfortunate follow-up single, ‘My Dog, Sex’, probably did.

Swamp Dogg: Rat On!
Proof that the worst album covers don’t necessarily house the worst music: it’s a damn shame this utterly ridiculous sleeve houses Rat On!, for in reality it’s a great lost album, originally issued by Elektra in 1971. If you’re resilient enough to get past the heinous visuals, you’ll be rewarded with a fab soul and funk record, featuring a terrific cover of Bee Gees’ ‘Got To Get A Message To You’.

Gerhard Polt: Leberkäs’ Hawaii
If the wince-worthy artwork doesn’t succeed in alienating the would-be consumer, the fact this German album’s title translates as “Liver Cheese Hawaii” eliminates any lingering hopes that this 1981 comedy album may have harboured that all-important crossover success.

Worst Album Covers Expose Yourself To Cajun Music & Johnny Janot Swamp Dogg Rat On Gerhard Polt: Leberkas Hawaii

Li’l Wally: Polka A-Go-Go
Chicago-born entertainer Li’l Wally struggled to introduce the polka to the masses, despite a spate of albums during the 60s, including Polish Sex and the hopefully-titled Li’l Wally’s Greatest 15 Hits Vol.1. Then again, his lack of creative visual control probably helped speed his beloved genre’s premature consignment to the bargain bins.

Orion: Reborn
Many have suggested that the voice of James Hughes Bell (aka Orion) was indistinguishable from Elvis Presley, and his record company did little to refute the idea that some of his recordings were actually Elvis’. But then, they also tried marketing him as Roy Orbison with a Venetian mask fetish on the cover of the German edition of 1979’s Reborn.

The Faith Tones: Jesus Use Me
There’s big hair and then there are gargantuan hair helmets, such as those sported by this religiously-inclined Southern gospel harmony trio in the mid-60s. Even allowing for the fact that they were very different times, the mind cannot fail to boggle.

Lil Wally Polka A Go Go Orion Reborn The Faith Tones Jesus Use Me

The Handsome Beasts: Beastiality
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal-era hard rock band The Handsome Beasts hailed from Nuneaton and hooked up with cult UK label Heavy Metal Records to release this unfortunately-titled (and worryingly collectible) album in 1981. Apparently the, erm, concept related to mankind evolving from pigs rather than monkeys. Potentially quite a cogent argument, until you actually see the sleeve… Not only one of the worst album covers of all time, but one of the worst album titles, too.

Dr George Milstein: Music To Grow Plants By
A 1970 easy listening album which came with a packet of seeds and dossier-length sleevenotes on how to cultivate green fingers. Judging by the cover, the good doc had clearly taken his own advice as he appears to be trapped in an outtake from The Day Of The Triffids.

Die Angefahrenen Schulkinder: 15 Jahre Schrag
It’s a brave man – or woman – who would dare try to explain the concept behind the cover of this 1997 indie-rock album. Seriously, what were they thinking?

Brainstorm: Smile A While
An unmitigated disaster among the wide range of disastrous decisions that have fed into the world’s worst album covers. This West German jazz-prog quartet initially went by the name Fashion Prick. Explains it all, really.

Worst Album Covers The Handsome Beasts Beastiality Dr George Milstein Music To Grow Plants By Die Angefahrenen Schulkinder 15 Jahre Schrag Brainstorm Smile A While

Windy Tuckus & The Brownsville Gospelaires Quartet: Blow Ye Horn
Another one laden down with double entendre potential. We have it on reliable authority, however, that Windy Tuckus did actually exist and wasn’t just a euphemism for flatulence.

Country Church: Country Church
Motörhead may not have needed religion, but Oklahoma gospel outfit Country Church patently did. We wonder, however, if the rest of their local congregation donned hideous tank tops and Rupert The Bear-esque check trousers with such evangelical zeal?

Vienna State Orchestra: The Planets
An attempt to bring classical to a rock audience in the early 70s? A New Avengers audition gone horribly wrong? Whatever chemicals this label’s PR team were on, we can only hope they have long since been taken off the market.

Worst Album Covers Windy Tuckus & The Brownsville Gospelaires Quartet Blow Ye Horn Country Church Vienna State Orchestra The Planets

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  1. Mike

    Goes to show when a young whippersnapper obviously ignorant of music history is drafted to write one of these articles. Uh, you seriously didn’t know that the cover of “Sour Cream & Other Delights” is an intentional (and perfectly “logical”) parody of Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass’s “Whipped Cream & Other Delights” LP — complete with the same font and green background? (Lest you find this hopelessly obscure, the TJB album sold over 6 million copies.)

    The cover of that album is one of the more iconic ones of the 1960s, and the joke is that it displayed a very comely lass in a large mound of strategically placed whipped cream. The gag (so sorry I have to explain it to you) is substituting old folks and sour cream for the aforementioned. Do yer homework, fer chrissakes!

  2. Slabface

    Señor Coconut: El Baile Alemán (“The German Band”) is a work of deliberate ironic kitsch from the early 2000’s and directly references the kind of garbage otherwise listed here. I think it’s actually up there in quality with reinterpretations like El Michels Affairs ‘Enter The 37th Chamber’ or Easy Star All Stars ‘Radiodread’ (a dub reimagining of ‘OK Computer’).

    1. Neuropean

      Señor Coconut is indeed an ironic remake of the works of Kraftwerk by the genius Uwe Schmidt, aka Atom ™ . He took his latino combo (not the one on the fake sleeve) on tour and I can tell you first hand that the public was floored after two songs. It was a complete smash. He did similar surprising covers of other major rock hits, for fun. His parallel work and collaborations (notably with Bill Laswell and Tetsu Inoue) in other music domains is worth discovering. A great talent. Check out

  3. Javier

    I’m sorry to tell you, but Tino Fernandez was born in Spain and was famous with his spanish group Parchis, also spanish people from Spain, not Mexico! You need to research a little more.

  4. RayWashed

    Just a note, Tino Fernández is not Mexican, he’s Spanish. In fact he was a member of Parchís, probably the most important Spanish child band ever, when he left the band he released this record

  5. gallier2

    And the “Faith tones” Jesus use me is also a fake parodic album, i.e. it is not a real bas album.
    And I have to concur with John Geary, Brainstorm’s album is indeed a nice cool progressive krautrock album. Really worth a listen.

  6. Katharina24

    “Leberkäse” has no liver or cheese in it as far as I know. Actually it’s a tasty meaty food and packed warm in a bun with mustard, mayonnaise, a pepper or a gherkin. But with a pineapple it would taste very odd. Gerhard Polt therefore made some bavarian joke of it.

    1. Benjamin

      Sry .. originally there was ‘leber’ in it, just aftrr many years of becomming so famous, it turned out that there is no liver in most of them, thats why it is more commen now to call it ‘fleischkäse’ .. funny, that in the EU they r allowed to say ‘leberkäse’, but not allowed to call it almond’milk’ .. besides, this aticle is just bad investigated and I think, there are thousands of more shitty covers ..

  7. Dorian

    As a graphic designer, who has done a number of music packages, I feel the need to add that, often clients get to “creatively” involved in parts of a project they shouldn’t. Has to be the case here. And the Frivolous Five album cover is a take off on the Herb Alpert, “Whipped Cream and Other Delights” Album cover.

  8. Jenna Appleseed

    Not only do they not get irony, or parody, the writer’s never seen The New Avengers either.
    Oh and the Orion cover’s meant to be him masked to imply he’s Elvis disguising the fact he’s not dead (or hiding the fact he’s not really a reborn Elvis).
    At some of the covers weren’t ones that have been doing the rounds of bad album cover lists for the last 20 years. (iirc there was even a book with some of these in).

  9. Jenna Appleseed

    Also, what’s really all that terribly about hippies in lingerie?
    Suits them a lot better than it did Kevin Rowland.

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