Listen To Drowning Pool’s New Single ‘Choke’

‘Strike A Nerve’ is out September 30 via UMe.

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Drowning Pool - Photo: Courtesy of Reybee Inc.
Drowning Pool - Photo: Courtesy of Reybee Inc.

Texas hard rock stalwarts Drowning Pool have shared the melodic and heavy “Choke,” which will be featured on the band’s first record in six years, Strike A Nerve. The album is out September 30.

The single follows the release of the critically-hailed, blistering lead single “Mind Right.” Though they incorporate cleaner vocals on “Choke,” the band doesn’t let the addition of melody stop the track from being a metallic banger.

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“‘Choke’ is another one of my favorite songs off Strike A Nerve,” says guitarist CJ Pierce. “Musically, we really wanted to push ourselves to extremes on this album and venture outside our musical comfort zone with some of the songwriting and playing–like you hear on ‘Mind Right’–but ‘Choke’ is a perfect mix of the more traditional Drowning Pool style and the foundation we laid on the Sinner record, and the ever-evolving band that we have become with Jasen Moreno.

“Lyrically, ‘Choke’ comes from a place where many of us have been before. It’s about when someone has given up on you, put you down, and speaks nothing but words of negativity and hate. But like we always do, we fight through, we persevere, and we ultimately overcome. We’re still here, we’re still thriving, and we’re not going anywhere. We’re strong, and we hope you choke on your words!”

Inspired by wearing life’s battle scars on our sleeves, Strike A Nerve is an 11-song tour-de-force through the torn and battered psyche of a band. Drowning Pool completed recording, mixing, and mastering Strike A Nerve just as COVID forced worldwide lockdowns. Written and recorded before the pandemic that halted the world for more than two years, the album became more poignant with its time on the shelf.

Long hailed as champions of blue-collar hard rock and metal for their consistently incendiary live shows and vastly impressive catalog, Drowning Pool have become celebrants of the nu-metal movement’s numerous trials through working-class ethos and stubborn perseverance, creating a bond few bands could ever realize.

Pre-order Strike A Nerve.

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