Take A Daytrip Announces NO IDLE imprint With UMPG

NO IDLE aims to identify and mentor emerging talent with a specific focus on developing songwriters, producers, and artists.

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Take A Daytrip - Photo: Tanima Mehrotra
Take A Daytrip - Photo: Tanima Mehrotra

Hitmaking production duo Denzel Baptiste and David Biral, known best to the world as Take A Daytrip, have announced their NO IDLE imprint in partnership with Universal Music Publishing Group.

Drawing inspiration from great production houses of the past, NO IDLE aims to identify and mentor emerging talent with a specific focus on developing songwriters, producers, and artists before the rest of the world takes notice. Take A Daytrip guide the company with a decade of experience across genres and a passion for experimentation, helping support a new crop of hitmakers and artist developers.

The pair have already made strides with Jon Tanners and Cody Verdecias, their long-time managers and partners in NO IDLE; signing and working closely with talent across both publishing and management to yield major placements for a number of the signees across the roster.

Recently, the NO IDLE crew detailed their venture in an exclusive story with Variety. Speaking about their new imprint and their aspirations for its future, Biral told the publication: “Being able to put people of color and women in producer roles—where you usually don’t find them: that’s been the biggest goal. It’s just really about giving these people those opportunities and really letting the talent speak for itself.”

To date, Take A Daytrip have worked closely with Tanners and Verdecias to foster the next generation of game-changing songwriters and producers. Speaking about their shared vision for NO IDLE that began with Biral and Baptiste’s joint NYU senior thesis, Tanners said “within that plan, there was another plan to grow a creative house to build the best ideas possible—that was at the beginning. There are chapters, pages and pages after that that we haven’t even gotten to yet.”

To put together the imprint, the group worked closely with David Gray from Universal Music Publishing Group, utilizing his expertise in the field to help shape the enterprise. Speaking to NO IDLE’s mission, Gray shares “For NO IDLE, we want to expand upon these values of being open to all genres of music [from a] global outlook”

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