uDiscover Music Quizzes

uDiscover Music Quizzes

Test the limit of your musical knowledge with uDiscover’s music quizzes. Our experienced A&R team have put together some of the most challenging questions that you will find on the internet, as we believe a good music quiz shouldn’t be too easy, but that it should test you and make you think a bit. And who knows, you might learn a thing or two at the same time!

Below you’ll find music quizzes based on genre, general music, artist specific, which band member you are and also some 'stranger' miscellaneous ones at the bottom of this page, like the Beatles and Genesis characters quizzes.

So why not challenge your family and friends with the easy to use share tools that our quizzes come with? We’ll be constantly adding and changing the list below so do keep checking back to see what’s new.

The uDiscover music quizzes - they’re tough but fun… have you got what it takes!
Genre Music Quizzes
The uDiscover 60s Music Quiz
The uDiscover 70s Music Quiz
The uDiscover 80s Music Quiz
The uDiscover Rock Quiz
The uDiscover Motown Quiz
The uDiscover Classic Rock Quiz
The uDiscover Prog Rock Quiz
The uDiscover Blues Quiz
The uDiscover Country Quiz
The uDiscover Jazz Quiz
The uDiscover Hip-Hop Quiz
The uDiscover Rock'n'Roll Quiz
General Music Quizzes
British Bands Quiz
American Bands Quiz
American Bands Quiz (2)
Band Logo Quiz
Name That Band Quiz
Name That 60s + 70s Band Quiz
Name The Iconic Male Singer Quiz
Opening Lines 1 Quiz
Album Covers 1 Quiz
Album Covers 2 Quiz
The uDiscover Spundtracks Quiz
The uDiscover Lyrics Quiz
The uDiscover Gold Nominees Quiz
Band Members Quizzes
Which Lead Singer Are You? Quiz
Which Lead Guitarist Are You? Quiz
Which Bass Player Are You? Quiz
The uDiscover Guitarists Quiz
The uDiscover Bass Players Quiz
Artist Music Quizzes
The Beatles Quiz
The Rolling Stones Quiz
The Queen Quiz
The Who Quiz
The Sex Pistols Quiz
The Bob Marley Quiz
The Kendrick Lamar Quiz
The Cream Quiz
The Deep Purple Quiz
The Eric Clapton Quiz
The George Harrison Quiz
The Muddy Waters Quiz
The Little Richard Quiz
The Roy Orbison Quiz
The Creedence Clearwater Revival Quiz
The Grand Funk Railroad Quiz
The Cure Quiz
The Smiths Quiz
The Jam Quiz
The Louis Armstrong Quiz
The Ella Fitzgerald Quiz
The Charlie Parker Quiz
The John Coltrane Quiz
The Dire Straits Quiz
The Rainbow Quiz
The Thin Lizzy Quiz
The Genesis Quiz
The Rush R40 Quiz
The Abba Quiz
The Carpenters Quiz
The Crowded House Quiz
The Mamas And The Papas Quiz
The Barry White Quiz
The Vangelis Quiz
The Enigma Quiz
The Steppenwolf Quiz
The Status Quo Quiz
The T.Rex Quiz
The Patsy Cline Quiz
The Ricky Nelson Quiz
The Eddie Cochran Quiz
The Hank Williams Quiz
Miscellaneous Music Quizzes
So You Think You Know Sgt Pepper Quiz
Sgt Peppers Name That Face Quiz
The Beatles Characters Quiz
The Genesis Characters Quiz
Guess The Motorhead Track Quiz
Guess The T.Rex Track Quiz
The Rolling Stones Live! Quiz
The Queen Live! Quiz
The Who Live! Quiz
The Dire Straits Live! Quiz
The George Harrison Name That Year Quiz
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