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More Multi-Platinum Janet Jackson Albums Coming To Vinyl

The releases are timed to coincide with the second run of Jackson’s ‘Metamorphosis’ residency in Las Vegas.

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Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation 1814

Five more albums in the distinguished catalogue of Janet Jackson will be reissued on vinyl by A&M/Virgin/UMe on 26 July. The releases are timed to coincide with the second run of Jackson’s Metamorphosis residency in Las Vegas.

The albums continue the sequence of releases that began in May with her 10-million-selling Control album, in black and translucent red vinyl editions, and the first-ever digital release of Control The Remixes. The latter title will be available in a 2LP version, and in limited edition colour vinyl. The expanded album features rare remixes originally released on the various international versions of Control.

Four other landmark albums will appear on vinyl on the same day. Rhythm Nation 1814 received a first-time 2LP black vinyl upgrade just ahead of the 30th anniversary of its appearance in September 1989. This restores interludes and unedited tracks that were missing from the original vinyl release. A limited-edition silver vinyl edition will also be available. The album was 12 times platinum worldwide.

The Beatles - Now And Then
The Beatles - Now And Then
The Beatles - Now And Then

Janet Jackson janetThe May 1993 album janet., which went 14 times platinum worldwide, makes its reappearance on 2LP black and limited edition clear vinyl, marking its first-ever vinyl appearance in the US. As well as its numerous hit singles such as ‘That’s The Way Love Goes,’ ‘If’ and ‘Again,’ the reissue offers ‘Whoops Now,’ previously a hidden bonus track on the CD and digital editions.

Janet Jackson Velvet RopeOctober 1997’s The Velvet Rope (10x platinum worldwide) also makes its first appearance on vinyl in the US, in 2LP black and deep red vinyl editions. Included on LP for the first time is ‘Can’t Be Stopped,’ which was also previously a hidden track on CD and digital versions. Lastly, April 2001’s All For You (7x platinum worldwide) is reissued on 2LP black vinyl, with a picture disc configuration to follow on 23 August.

Janet Jackson All For YouJackson, newly inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and with worldwide album sales of 180 million, is currently scheduled to play 18 more shows in her Las Vegas residency in July and August. The first of these ran 17-26 May, the second is set for 24-31 July and the third from 2 to 17 August. Janet also played Glastonbury Festival for the first time on on 21 June and Montreux Jazz Festival on the 30th.

The vinyl editions of Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., The Velvet Rope, All For You and Control The Remixes are released on 26 July. Scroll down for the full tracklisting, and pre-order them here.


Janet Jackson CONTROL [1LP black vinyl & translucent red vinyl]

Side A
1. Control
2. Nasty
3. What Have You Done For Me Lately
4. You Can Be Mine

Side B
1. The Pleasure Principle
2. When I Think Of You
3. He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive
4. Let’s Wait Awhile
5. Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)

Janet Jackson CONTROL: THE REMIXES [2LP black vinyl]

Side A
1. Control (The Video Mix)
2. When I Think Of You (Dance Mix)
3. The Pleasure Principle (Long Vocal Remix – Shep Pettibone Mix)

Side B
1. What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix)
2. Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part Two)
3. When I Think Of You (Extra Beats)

Side C
1. Control (Extended Version)
2. Nasty (Extended Mix)
3. Let’s Wait Awhile (Remix)

Side D
1. Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part One)
2. The Pleasure Principle (Dub Edit – Shep Pettibone Mix)
3. Control (A Cappella)

Janet Jackson RHYTHM NATION 1814 [2LP black vinyl & silver vinyl]

Side A
1. Interlude: Pledge
2. Rhythm Nation
3. Interlude: T.V.
4. State Of The World
5. Interlude: Race
6. The Knowledge

Side B
1. Interlude: Let’s Dance
2. Miss You Much
3. Interlude: Come Back
4. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
5. Livin’ In A World (They Didn’t Make)

Side C
1. Alright
2. Interlude: Hey Baby
3. Escapade
4. Interlude: No Acid
5. Black Cat

Side D
1. Lonely
2. Come Back To Me
3. Someday Is Tonight
4. Interlude: Livin’…In Complete Darkness

Janet Jackson janet. [2LP black vinyl & clear vinyl]

Side A
1. Morning
2. That’s The Way Love Goes
3. You Know…
4. You Want This
5. Be A Good Boy…
6. If

Side B
1. Back
2. This Time
3. Go On Miss Janet
4. Throb
5. What’ll I Do
6. The Lounge
7. Funky Big Band

Side C
1. Racism
2. New Agenda
3. Love Pt. 2
4. Because Of Love
5. Wind
6. Again
7. Another Lover
8. Where Are You Now

Side D
1. Hold On Baby
2. The Body That Loves You
3. Rain
4. Any Time, Any Place
5. Are You Still Up
6. Sweet Dreams
7. Whoops Now (Bonus Track)

Janet Jackson THE VELVET ROPE [2LP black vinyl & deep red vinyl]

Side A
1. Interlude: Twisted Elegance
2. Velvet Rope (Feat. Vanessa Mae)
3. You
4. Got ’Til It’s Gone (Feat. Joni Mitchell and Q-Tip)
5. Interlude: Speaker Phone
6. My Need

Side B
1. Interlude: Fasten Your Seatbelts
2. Go Deep
3. Free Xone
4. Interlude: Memory
5. Together Again
6. Interlude: Online

Side C
1. Empty
2. Interlude: Full
3. What About
4. Every Time
5. Tonight’s The Night

Side D
1. I Get Lonely
2. Rope Burn
3. Anything
4. Interlude: Sad
5. Special
6. Can’t Be Stopped (Bonus Track)

Janet Jackson ALL FOR YOU [2LP black vinyl & picture disc vinyl]

Side A
1. Intro
2. You Ain’t Right
3. All For You
4. 2wayforyou (Interlude)
5. Come On Get Up

Side B
1. When We Oooo
2. China Love
3. Love Science (Ooh Baby)
4. Would You Mind
5. Lame (Interlude)

Side C
1. Trust A Try
2. Clouds (Interlude)
4. Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) with Carly Simon
5. Truth
6. Theory (Interlude)

Side D
1. Someone To Call My Lover
2. Feels So Right
3. Doesn’t Really Matter
4. Better Days
5. Outro

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