Midwxst Shares New Single ‘Under Fire’

The track follows midwxst’s latest single, ‘sidelines.’

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midwxst - Photo: Alex ‘GRIZZ’ Loucas (Photo Courtesy of Orienteer)
midwxst - Photo: Alex ‘GRIZZ’ Loucas (Photo Courtesy of Orienteer)

Continuing his constant flow of new music, midwxst returns with a new song “under fire.” Opening with a crescendo of digital sounds emulating strings, the ethereal and spacious beat hovers under midwxst’s spitfire lyricism.

He sings, “And I can only keep it going for so long/ I know my auntie watching me, gotta stay strong/ I don’t know how much longer I can just make songs/ Talking ’bout how I feel and have you all sing along/ Just don’t feel right.”

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The track follows “sidelines,” which was also released on the heels of the release of his latest EP better luck next time.

Layered with ethereal synths and bursting bass, the prolific artist continues to express emotional depth juxtaposed with upbeat and experimental production. Lyrically, midwxst explores feelings of inadequacy on “sidelines,” as he sings, “I’ve been sitting on the sidelines/ Need my playing time, tryna’ make a couple highlights.”

Back in June, midwxst embarked on an explosive US tour with glaive and released the aforementioned 8-track EP better luck next time. The EP showcased his sonic versatility fusing various genre influences and featured the stand out tracks “riddle” and “i know you hate me,” both of which arrived with videos directed by Parker Corey.

Regarding “riddle,” midwxst said, “‘riddle’ is my most personal song I’ve made. I made it in Los Angeles in Whethan’s old house. The house overlooks downtown Los Angeles and makes the entire world surrounding it seem extensive beyond reach. The song itself is me dealing with the faults and concerns that occur on a daily basis, along with my luck with relationships. Sometimes I just feel like I’m in a middle ground where I can’t do anything besides sit and wallow in self-consciousness and wonder everything I’ve ever done wrong.”

From the oft-overlooked state of Indiana, midwxst, born Edgar Sarratt III, is a genre-defier combining elements of hyperpop and digicore with hip-hop alongside candid lyrics that reveal he isn’t afraid to let his true feelings show.

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