Oriana Returns With New Single ‘SOLA’

Instead of making a music video, Oriana donated her budget to a number of charities.

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Oriana - Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage
Oriana - Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Oriana has released her stunning new single “SOLA.” The song features RKT, a musical genre derived from reggaeton that leans towards a minimalist production with influences from Argentine cumbia, infusing the song with happy chords that invite people to take over the dance floor.

The song, which was written in the studio, was produced by renowned producer Lauro and written by the artist together with Theo. Oriana Sabatini, hailing from Argentina, has captivated fans with her authentic character and her ability to transform human difficulties into uplifting songs that empower people.

Oriana - SOLA (Lyric Video)

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“SOLA” ​​is a song that takes loneliness and turns it into an autonomous decision that generates as much or even more pleasure than having a partner. It talks about the importance of enjoying independence without needing another person while playing, in turn, with some of her unique seductive attributes.

This song will not have an official video because of a special reason. Oriana had no desire to develop an audiovisual story, instead she wanted to create something different. She spent some time watching videos from Blink 182 and Drake, and loved the idea of donating the money she had for the video production to different organizations. The total donation was $1,869,700 Argentine pesos.

She donated a check for $300,000 to a number of charities. In her own words: “It was a motivational experience and doing this made me very happy and filled my heart.”

“Soplo de Vida” is a non-profit organization whose goal is to rescue, recover, and place animals at risk in adoptive homes.

“Locos por el Ritmo” started more than five years ago and has over 140 children and youth under its care.

“Starte,” which through ar, addresses all kinds of problems, provides care for the entire community in the Santa Rita neighborhood (Boulogne Sur Mer, San Isidro). Today, more than 100 children attend Starte every day for different activities.

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