Super Deluxe Edition Of Tears For Fears’ ‘The Seeds Of Love’ Set For October Release

The record an international success, entering the UK Albums Chart at number one and reaching the top ten in numerous other countries including the US.

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Tears For Fears’ much acclaimed third album, The Seeds Of Love is set for a super deluxe makeover, which will be released through UMC/Virgin on October 9.

Over thirty years on from its original release Tears For Fears’ third long-player The Seeds Of Love has taken on mythical status for its scope, ambition, timeless musicality and the fact that it took over four years to record.

For music fans and audiophiles the world over, the album continues to astound with its depth and sheer audacity, which is why three decades on it, has barely aged a day. As Roland Orzabal puts it “Out of all our albums, I’d probably rank it highest. I think it surprised a lot of people, a lot of our peers as well, people who maybe we were being compared to in the mid-Eighties”.  Curt Smith adds:  “The tracks I liked then, I still like now. “Woman in Chains”, “Badman’s Song”, “Sowing the Seeds of Love”, and “Advice For The Young At Heart” have all stuck around. We still play those live.”

The super deluxe box set consists of four CDs and one Blu-Ray, fully tells the story of how this extraordinary album came to be with 22 unreleased tracks from demo sessions, live jams, studio sessions along with a definitive set of b-sides, and rare mixes. Highlights include demos of “Advice For The Young At Heart” with Roland Orzabal singing lead vocal and “Rhythm of Life”, which didn’t make it onto The Seeds of Love and was later given to Oleta Adams for her Circle Of One album. The Blu-ray also features a stunning 5.1 mix by Grammy nominated artist Steven Wilson.

Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Official Music Video)

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Coming off the back of the ten million selling Songs From The Big Chair, the first writing sessions for The Seeds Of Love started when the band were touring in 1985 making use of soundchecks to sketch the outlines of new songs. Over the next four years, Orzabal and Smith would work with several producers, engineers and many musicians before finally deciding to produce the album themselves with assistance from their Songs From The Big Chair engineer Dave Bascombe.

A key person in the making of the album was pianist and singer Oleta Adams who Orzabal and Smith had seen play in the bar of their hotel while touring in 1985. She joined the recording sessions in early 1988 along with world-class session players such as drummer Manu Katché and bass player Pino Palladino and would play a massive part in songs such as “Woman In Chains” and “Badman’s Song”.

These sessions in 1988 are perhaps the most fascinating tapes unearthed for the box set. These jams took place at London’s Townhouse studio, and disc four contains around 30 minutes edited down from over 24 hours of unadulterated in-the-studio live performance, exactly as it was performed at the time, complete with chatter, some laughter and no overdubs. These jams include very different versions of “Woman in Chains”, “Badman’s Song”, “Standing On The Corner Of The Third World” and “Rhythm of Life.”

While the band were pleased with these sessions, there was still at least another year of further recording, overdubbing, editing, mixing, tweaking and discussion, before the final mix was finished in New York in the summer of 1989.

All of the efforts that went into the making of The Seeds Of Love certainly paid off as it is now hailed as a classic of the time alongside albums such as Talk Talk’s Spirit Of Eden. The Seeds Of Love was released in the 80’s but it remains anything but an ‘80’s album’.

The Seeds Of Love super deluxe edition is out on October 9. Scroll down to read the full tracklist and pre-order it here.


“Woman In Chains”
“Badman’s Song”
“Sowing The Seeds Of Love”
“Advice For The Young At Heart”
“Standing On The Corner Of The Third World”
“Swords And Knives”
“Year Of The Knife”
“Famous Last Words”


“Sowing The Seeds Of Love” (7” version)
“Tears Roll Down”
“Woman In Chains” (7” version)
“Always In The Past”
“My Life In The Suicide Ranks”
“Woman In Chains” (Instrumental)
“Advice For The Young At Heart (7” Version)
“Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams” (Instrumental)
“Music For Tables”
“Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams” (Mix One)
“Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams” (Mix Two)
“Sowing The Seeds Of Love” (US Radio Edit)
“Woman In Chains” (US Radio Edit)
“Advice For The Young At Heart” (Italian Radio Edit)
“Year Of The Knife” (Canadian Single Version)
“Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams”


“Year Of The Knife – Overture”
“Year Of The Knife” (Early Mix – Instrumental)
“Sowing The Seeds Of Love” (Alternate Mix)
“Tears Roll Down”
“Year Of The Knife” (Steve Chase 7″ Remix)
“Badman’s Song” (Early Mix)
“Advice For The Young At Heart” (Instrumental)
“Year Of The Knife” (The Mix)
“Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams” (Mix One Edit)
“Sowing The Seeds Of Love” (Early Mix – Instrumental)
“Woman In Chains” (US Radio Edit 2)
“Year Of The Knife” (Canadian Single Version – Instrumental)
“Famous Last Words” (French Radio Edit)
“Woman In Chains” (Reprise)


“Rhythm Of Life” (Demo)
“Advice For The Young At Heart (Demo)
“Swords And Knives (Demo)
“Famous Last Words (Demo)
“Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Demo – Instrumental)
“Badman’s Song” (Langer/Winstanley Version – Instrumental)
“Woman In Chains” (Townhouse Jam)
“Broken” (Townhouse Jam)
“Rhythm Of Life (Townhouse Jam)
“Badman’s Song (Townhouse Jam)
“Badman’s Song (Reprise – Townhouse Jam)
“Standing On The Corner Of The Third World (Townhouse Jam)


“Woman In Chains” (Original album master)
“Badman’s Song” (Original album master)
“Sowing The Seeds Of Love”(Original album master)
“Advice For The Young At Heart” (Original album master)
“Standing On The Corner Of The Third World” (Original album master)
“Swords And Knives” (Original album master)
“Year Of The Knife” (Original album master)
“Famous Last Words” (Original album master)
“Woman In Chains” (New remaster)
“Badman’s Song” (New remaster)
“Sowing The Seeds Of Love” (New remaster)
“Advice For The Young At Heart” (New remaster)
“Standing On The Corner Of The Third World” (New remaster)
“Swords And Knives” (New remaster)
“Year Of The Knife” (New remaster)
“Famous Last Words”(New remaster)


“Woman In Chains”
“Badman’s Song”
“Sowing The Seeds Of Love”
“Advice For The Young At Heart”
“Standing On The Corner Of The Third World”
“Swords And Knives”
“Year Of The Knife”
“Famous Last Words”



  1. Mrs Denise Hooker

    October 3, 2020 at 1:37 pm

    Hello there, is this set available on DVD as we do not have blu way?

    • Paul Demske

      October 5, 2020 at 3:49 pm

      There is only one BluRay, which is required for 5.1 Surround audio. It is not available on standard DVD. The other CD’s are of the highest quality.

      Great write-up on this TIM PEACOCK. I’ve read several articles about the TFF boxed set which basically say the same thing, EXCEPT YOURS. Well done!

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