Watch The Video For Steve Perry’s ‘We’re Still Here’: His First Promo In 25 Years

Directed by Myriam Santos, ‘We’re Still Here’ is Perry’s first official promo as a solo artist since ‘Missing You’ in 1994.

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Steve Perry has shared the official video for his Traces track ‘We’re Still Here.’ You can watch it above. While the former Journey vocalist released a trio of studio videos last year, the Myriam Santos-directed video for ‘We’re Still Here’ is Perry’s first official promo as a solo artist since ‘Missing You’ in 1994 – and his first overall since Journey’s ‘When You Love A Woman’ in 1996.

The ‘We’re Still Here’ promo sees Perry driving a black 70s Chevelle SS through the streets of Los Angeles – the location that inspired him to write the track with Canadian producer and songwriter Brian West. In the clip, the singer cruises by a series of iconic Hollywood locations as he watches the Hollywood streets come alive.

Of his nostalgic ballad ‘We’re Still Here’, Perry said in a statement: “Brian and I had just started writing the song and were sketching it out in the studio. When we broke for dinner I went to this place down the street – and that was the first time I’d been in Hollywood in a long time.

“There I was on Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood and Vine just walking around. I saw a whole new generation of 16 and 17-year olds running around just… alive. And through these kids I felt a kinship. We’re still here doing the same thing.”

Prior to his new promo, Perry released a deluxe edition of Traces which features all 10 tracks from the original record, plus five bonus songs from the studio sessions earlier in March.

As he told Rolling Stone last year, Perry was inspired to record Traces – his first release after a two-decade departure from the music world – after losing his girlfriend, Kellie Nash, to cancer in 2012. She turned to him near the end of her life and presented him with something very serious. “She said, ‘If something ever happens to me, I want you to make one promise,’” he said. “‘Promise me you won’t go back into isolation. If you do, I fear this would all be for naught.’”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Josephine

    July 6, 2019 at 4:31 am

    Greetings Mr Perry. Years ago you were singing on the radio. I was driving with my kids in the car. I didn’t know it your voice was the last voice & Journey before my hold world changed. I had a seizure which became epilepsy. My hold fall apart. Your voice was the last thing I remembered. I hit every barrel underneath that under pass. I got out the car . I was moving to make sure my kids where fine. They where were. I wasn’t. I never knew what became of Journey after day. I lost some of memories. Things got bad for me . I ended up having brain surgery. What s trip that was. They told I was to die. I was 15 to 30 epileptic seizures a day. I didn’t know what end was up. I found out the % of the surgery I refused it. I went home to die. I received a phone call from the Doctor that crated the survey I was going to have. He told me he look my case over. He never makes calls to patients. However in my case he thought he should. He told if I did not have I was going to die. There was no % for me. If I didn’t die I would end up in a facility until I had a seizure and then die. I was very filpy with I told what I thought how I felt. He said to I under you believe in God I said . I said yes it was then ; He said it’s between you and God. I decided to have surgery. I ended up after surgery. It took months. I could walk talk etc. I lost my memory. I ended after being home 30 days start led to seize again. I’m thinking ya right! I did up in a facility for 2 years. Then move to another for another year of my life. Here’s what I’m getting at. In the beginning of email I said you Steve where singing. Well that was got from my memory. After After 30 year my husband that I’m married to now said why not try to go for a job. I did no one would hire me. I went through an program I ended up at a TV station I’ve been there over a decade, I a producer, I editor, I’ve produced my own show. I love work with sound in the studio. and camera. One day I opened up I turned computer on . I love to listen to music. I heard this voice it touched my heart. I said to myself! I know that voice. Tears were coming down my face it was Journey I’m looking at the person singing . It’s was like a door was open in my heart and my brain. I could stop crying. Memories that I could came following in. I look at the person singing; oh my this is not I remember his name Steve Perry. Arenal. Sounded like you in a way. However not you. I went to the internet I thought you were gone. Then I found you ; I was so happy to see your face my time had past for yo & for me. I heard you story. I’m so sorry for all your losses. However so great full that you found love. I’m thankful that your beloved one asked you to make promise. I’m so thankful to her. Steve God have you a gift your voice. Not only did He give your voice He have great compassion, caring. Their are those in the business you where in or are in. They have a gift not the same as you. You hav used your gift with wisdom. You are one of a kind and every once and a while ; we get to see God handy work in someone like you . You are blessing in many ways to your fans, to those that you are able to speak the truth. You have the ability to honest and real. He are a gentleman. Keep on singing. If it’s in your heart we will all be listening. If it’s time for you to do something different have at it. I will be praying for you and family. One thing I’d like to share I understood you on Dan Rather interview. from my heart. Please every chance you get to speak up do so. God Bless you. Josephine

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