Shania Twain Interview: Her ‘Now’ Album Highlights

‘There’s a flow of direction that becomes more obvious as you build,‘ said the superstar of the album’s creation.

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Shania Twain 'Now' artwork - Courtesy: UMG
Shania Twain 'Now' artwork - Courtesy: UMG

When her Now album was released in 2017, Shania Twain spoke about some of the tracks on the long-awaited first album by the pop-country superstar in 15 years. She revealed that some of the material, all of which she wrote, has a long history and evolution, while other tracks came together quickly.

“It does go back quite a way,” she told this writer. “There’s quite a few ideas and bits on the album that have been milling around for several years. Like ‘Home Now,’ the tag on that’s been around for a long time. I don’t know why it was [the idea of] ‘home now.’ It just always was, then I wrote the song around that, and the direction of the song evolved later on.

“There’s several like that, like ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl’ — melodically that was there, but not lyrically. Then there’s other things that were just written, like ‘Soldier,’ things like ‘Light Of My Life,’ that was a very late write. ‘Because Of You,’ I wrote as I was recording, ‘All In All’ too. That’s my favourite written song on the album.”

Once she was writing specifically for the record, Twain enjoyed the creative flow. “Very much so, momentum does kick in, and inspiration of the direction that the album is now taking at a certain point is also something that kicks in. Because now there’s a flow of direction that becomes more obvious as you build.”

Listen to the All-Time Greatest Country Hits playlist, which includes Shania’s “Any Man Of Mine.”

The following May, the five-time Grammy winner embarked on her 2018 Now tour, her first since 2015’s Rock This Country. Produced by Live Nation, the dates began on 3 May in Tacoma, Washington, with the North American leg running through the summer and culminating in a 4 August show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Twain’s dates in the UK and Ireland ensued in early October. As 2019 came towards a close, she was preparing for a new residency in Las Vegas with her Let’s Go! show at Zappos Theatre. Then 2020 brought the 25th anniversary editions of her 1995 phenomenon The Woman In Me.

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