Lorde Shares ‘Oceanic Feeling’ Music Video To Celebrate ‘Solar Power’ Anniversary

‘Who you see in this video is who I truly am, or who I want to be,’ Lorde said in a newsletter to her fans.

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Lorde, ‘Oceanic Feeling’ - Photo: Courtesy of YouTube/Universal Music New Zealand
Lorde, ‘Oceanic Feeling’ - Photo: Courtesy of YouTube/Universal Music New Zealand

Lorde is celebrating the one year anniversary of Solar Power in style. She has shared a beautiful music video for her song “Oceanic Feeling,” filmed on the beach and co-starring her little brother Angelo.

The accompanying video perfectly highlights the nostalgic lyrics in the song. Lorde sings, “It’s a blue day/ We could jump Bulli/ When I hit that water/ When it holds me/ I think about my father/ Doing the same thing/ When he was a boy/ When he was a boy.”

Lorde - Oceanic Feeling

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“Who you see in this video is who I truly am, or who I want to be–open, laid bare, water glittering on my skin, speaking directly to you, nothing to hide or prove, just me,” Lorde singer wrote of the video in a newsletter sent out to fans. “The person with me is my other half and best mate, my brother Angelo. Born on the same day five years apart, we’ve always shared a super close bond. I knew by putting him in the video, I’d be showing myself exactly as I am. Can’t be anyone else when that kid’s around.”

During Lorde’s third Solar Power show at London’s Roundhouse back on June 3, the pop icon spoke to the crowd about writing massive songs, and reflected on the nine-year anniversary of her breakthrough smash “Royals.”

“Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to share in those moments with you because, in my opinion, a banger is not created until the audience participates,” Lorde said. “You can write a good pop song but you are the ones that turn it into that thing that we all know to be a banger.”

She added, “We’ve had a really difficult, painful, lonely few years and artists take that, and they process it and they make something that’s maybe quieter, or more private. But the banger will always be on the horizon. I want to say thank you for being so welcoming and wonderful on this tour. I’m getting nearer to that zone again, where all I’m going to write is those sort of songs for us all to dance to, and to feel in our hearts. Thanks for changing my life.”

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