Watch Sam Hunt Back Home In Georgia In Video For New Song ‘Start Nowhere’

‘Sometimes the only way to get your feet back on the ground is to go back home where you grew up,’ says Hunt of the song’s inspiration.

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Sam Hunt 'Start Nowhere' artwork: Courtesy: MCA Nashville
Sam Hunt 'Start Nowhere' artwork: Courtesy: MCA Nashville

Multi-platinum country artist Sam Hunt has released the new song “Start Nowhere,” which is accompanied by a music video that compiles clips from his family’s home movies and shows him spending time with his brothers, parents, other family, and friends in his home town of Cedartown, Ga.

Hunt co-wrote the song with Zach Crowell, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne, and it sees them describing the comfort and ease of a life before distractions. Says the star on his social media: “When you grow up in a small town, you love where you’re from, you are where you’re from, and you answer the call of adventure when you turn 18 and take off out into the big wide world.

“If you stay gone too long without coming home, you can get a little disconnected. Sometimes the only way to get your feet back on the ground is to go back home where you grew up.”

Sam Hunt - Start Nowhere

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In an interview with American Songwriter, Hunt says of the inspiration for “Start Nowhere”: “I was thinking about home. I grew up in a little town called Cedartown in Georgia. I was thinking about the drive from Nashville down to Georgia. My hometown, to me, definitely has all the hallmarks of a classic hometown in terms of my connection to it and all my family’s still there and rooted there.”

He also confides how his motivation as a songwriter is changing. “The things that historically have provided me with inspiration, I don’t connect with as much anymore,” he says. “You have to look, you have to sit there, feel, think, and experience. So that’s what I’m feeling and thinking and experiencing, and those experiences are filtered through that: Being a father, and starting a family. I’m sure most of the songs – a lot of the songs going forward – will come from that inspiration.”

Of the music video, he tells People: “I connect with that video so much. How much of this is me just connecting to my family and how much of it is just stepping outside myself and just appreciating the nostalgia of that era – just the love in mom’s eyes and all the things that show up there that are just real and authentic?”

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