Peach PRC Dances While She Cries Glitter Tears In ‘Forever Drunk’ Music Video

The singer has described the track as ‘an anthemic dance while you cry bop.’

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Peach PRC - Credit: Jess Gleeson (Courtesy of Republic Records)
Peach PRC - Credit: Jess Gleeson (Courtesy of Republic Records)

In the music video for her latest single “Forever Drunk,” Australian pop singer and songwriter Peach PRC is not having a good time, but she’s determined to fake it until she makes it – or at least until she’s completely danced the pain away.

In the visual, Peach PRC gets ready for a night out on the town. She practices how she’s going to hand her ID to the bouncer, boosts her dress with some out-of-sight-out-of-mind accessories, spreads some glitter below her eyes, and heads out in a head-to-toe pink outfit.

Peach PRC - Forever Drunk (Official Music Video)

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When she arrives, the drinking begins in full force as she attempts to forget the ache of heartbreak that lingers in her chest, singing: “Now that you’re gone, I’m forever drunk / It hurts too much to sober up / Just let me be forever drunk.”

“‘Forever Drunk’ looks back at my first heartbreak, when at that time I thought this teenage relationship was all I had in my life, I had no family, I hated school, I didn’t think I was smart or talented,” Peach PRC shared in a statement. “So once I lost this person, I went into full on teenage melodramatic devastation, groveling on my hands and knees begging to be taken back. I thought I would NEVER get over it at the time.”

In the video, her night out as a means of distraction becomes completely derailed when she sees her ex at the same bar, dancing with someone else. Peach PRC tries to get their attention by making a scene. She climbs onto the bar and drenches herself with water, but she doesn’t receive anything more than a few strange glances before everyone gets back to their night. That is, before she tries to take over the DJ’s gig and ends up getting kicked out. The comedy is a stark contrast to the underlying sadness of the lyrics, and the destructive message of the song itself.

“Originally ‘Forever Drunk’ was a much sadder song,” Peach PRC explained in a statement. “But Bonnie [McKee] and I turned it into an anthemic “dance while you cry” bop, which is what I wanted the song to blossom into anyway.”

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